Monday, February 15, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: A Bribe is a Terrible Thing to Waste

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Taking Credit for Iraq: Cheney Rips Biden: RWN
A Bribe is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Pundette
It's never too early for a 2012 GOP preview: PJM

Why the House Democrats Are 100 Votes Short: Barone
Biden: KSM Will Be Found Guilty.: StoryBalloon
Fundraiser for Terror Supporter in Al-Awlaki’s Mosque: BigGovt

Menendez NJ Recall: Tea Party Goes to Court: BigGovt
Sham bipartisanship: Times


California is America's Greece: AT
The Folly of Financial Reform: BigGovt
Under Obama, Crony Capitalism Again Rules the Day: Barone

The Absurdity of the Proposed "Jobs" Bill: Hewitt
Obama Signs Bill Lifting Borrowing Cap in Private: Powers
SEIU’s Shameless Abuse of Olympic Games Tragedy: BigGovt

Climate & Energy

Phil Jones' Shockingly Candid Answers on Climate: PJM
Climategate: Lord Monckton takes a victory lap: Monckton
Global Warming Snow Job: Times

Wind Energy's Ghosts: AT
IPCC Science Scandals: Nothing New: RWN
Was there any actual warming to begin with?: Morrissey

I’ll stop posting these “Hitler finds out…” videos as soon as I stop laughing at them...: Powers


Obama administration summed up in one headline: RWN
Katie Couric: Return of the Palin Slayer: AT
Instead of Understanding, Liberals Feel: RWN

9/11: a Remembrance: GM's Place
Bill Maher: We Liberals Hate the Troops: BlogProf
Liz Cheney Blasts Juan Williams On “Incompetence” of Obama Administration : GWP

Coulter: How Long Are We Going to Pretend That Biden Is Not Just Some Drunk Embarrassing Obama?: GWP
But wait…it gets Avatardier! : SondraK


A dangerous retreat from the war of ideas: Wolf
Sarah Palin’s friendship: JPost
French Parade Float Mock Obama Fail: CBullitt

More rights for terrorists means more dead terrorists: LegalIns
Top Obama Advisor John Brennan: 20% Recidivism Rate For Gitmo Detainees Is Not That Bad: GWP
Islam in Action: Sweden's Silent Exodus: TAB


The Last Shuttle and the Rise of China: AT
Is your child's BMI the government's business?: Pundette
With sufficient followers on Twitter, you can cry out in the midst of an incident, get mass support... : Althouse


Camouflaging myself in a Matisse...: Althouse
Wookie Lookies: Mirror
Car commercials from the 60's and 70's: YouTube

A Winter Olympics Primer: Curling, Snowboarding, Bobsled, Skeleton and Luge Explained: Powers
Dude Is Just Trying to Become an Internet Phenom, I Think: Ace

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