Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Women Prefer Guns Over Men

In light of Top Ten Reasons Men Prefer Guns Over Women, Solo writes:

One of the women in my unit read this and felt compelled to retort: 10 Reasons Women Prefer Guns Over Men

1. You can easily trade that snubby in for something with a longer barrel.

2. You can keep a gun clean with a little Hoppe's and some elbow grease.

3. A gun never complains about the fit of its holster.

4. A gun doesn't need to watch a bad Western on video before you take it to the range.

5. Too many rounds and shots over the years don't cause the trigger guard to grow and sag.

6. You can carry a gun in your pants all day without it becoming a pest.

7. A gun doesn't complain if you want to spend more than 15 minutes at the range.

8. Emission of noxious gases is always under your control.

9. A gun doesn't call you a tease after you do a bit of dry fire.

10. A gun doesn't need to take a nap after each shot.

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