Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chuck Schumer trying to steal billions of your money to pay off New York's public sector unions and avoid real cost-cutting measures

The New York Daily News caught Schmucky Schumer in front of (what else?) a camera.

Schumer Trying for $3B NY Budget Boost » By Michael McAuliff

Sen. Chuck Schumer is hoping to whip up a little $3 billion gift for Gov. Paterson and New York — six months of federal Medicaid aid that the governor has already included in next year’s budget — but has not been passed by Congress.

The cash, part of $25 billion that would be spread around the country and which many other governors are also praying for, is among the numerous casualties of the stalled health care legislation.

Now Schumer wants to add that money to another vital federal payout — extending unemployment and health insurance for three months for people still out of work — which also is worth about $25 billion. Unemployment runs out this week for vast numbers of people.

...But since nothing is ever simple in the Senate, it’s unlikely legislators will act in time, meaning they probably will have to pass a two-week unemployment patch, and then get back to the longer deal next week... With no votes in the Senate today, the New Yorker should take to the floor at some point this afternoon to make his pitch for the Medicaid aid.

Paterson had better hope Schumer prevails. The governor is counting on that cash lasting until June of 2011. Without it, he’ll face drawing up an even grimmer budget during a grim election year...

Did I mention that everything the Democrats touch -- every single thing -- turns to crap?

In this case, more money of yours, billions upon billions of your hard-earned private property, is going to be taken to help balance state budgets and pay off public sector unions. In other words, Schumer and his ilk are helping states avoid the real cost-cutting measures that they'll have to make sooner or later. And the more it's deferred, the more painful it will be.

Is there a more reprehensible character in Congress than Schmucky Schumer?

Now that I think about it, that's a rhetorical question.

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