Saturday, February 27, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Full Speed Off the Cliff

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Full Speed Off the Cliff: Protein Wisdom
Not exactly two peas in a pod: Power Line
Pelosi lied: Rangel did violate House rules: BigGovt

Good news: a way forward on Obamacare: Hot Air
Crist is Toast: Goodbye, Charlie: RWN
Lifelike Pelosi Robot on Rangel...: Hot Air

A prayer from the living world: Doc Zero
Handgun Derangement Syndrome Grips Restaurateurs: AT
Bill and Hillary: Driving the Left into a Ditch?: PJM

Bang! Bang! You're... Safe?: Wizbang


The Cartel... a Trailer: Carpe Diem
Obama Names SEIU Chairman Andy Stern to Debt Panel: GWP
Toxic Exploding Freddie Mortgage Factory To Close: Denninger

Fed Campaign Against Toyota in Overdrive?: BizzyBlog
The Country's In The Very Best of Hands: Maxine Waters: Ace
These Are Our Friends, Trading Partners AND BANKERS?: Denninger

Climate & Energy

Cap And Tax May Be Gone, Replaced With 'Just Tax!': RWN
The Walls Of Anthropogenic Warming Come Crashing Down: Strata-Sphere
Al Gore Mocked at Shareholder’s Meeting: GWP


Time's Joe Klein: 'Unflappable' Obama Wins Day at Health Care Summit: NewsBusters
Democrats' secret plan to astroturf conservative radio: AT
Freedom is a Right, and Any Health Care Bill That Takes Away Americans’ Freedom is Wrong: Boehner

The other 44% didn’t understand the question: RWN
Judge Posner says maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if FDR's Court-packing plan had passed: Althouse
Bill Maher: He's Better Than You: RWN


The Delusional USA - Syrian Overtures: Bejjani
Who Lost Iran?: AT (Lewis)
Tea Party Goes International: Ace

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah Meets With Ahmadinejad in Syria: GWP
Islamic Apartheid Month: Chesler
Another Day, Another Holy War: Wizbang

Children Last: Pundette
ObamaCare's Curse: Strata-Sphere
Reuters Acknowledges: It Ain't Getting Any Warmer: RWN


First Look: 2011 Porsche Cayenne: Motor Trend
How to start up an F-16C: Caveman
Hiding in Plain Sight: Sophos


Cincinnati Auto Show: Virtuous Republic
Say Hey: A Must-Read Review: TAB
A Site That Will Change Your Life: iOTW

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If I were rich, I'd by the Challenger as a cruiser and the Lincoln MKS for luxury.