Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: NEW Spying Scandal -- Is This One the Last Straw?

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NEW Spying Scandal -- Is This One the Last Straw?: Perry Willis
Rubio: Maybe Obama had a phone in the golf cart: Charlie Spiering
Thugocracy: Durbin’s Staff Sends Out Intimidating Letters on ALEC: HayRide

The reliably unreliable Colin Powell: Blogmocracy
Hillary Clinton tops list of Dems voters don't want in 2016: Paul Bedard
Matt Bevin Squeezes Mitch McConnell On Obamacare: Sahil Kapur, TPM

Texas liberals take huge Hispanic majorities for granted: David Freddoso
New Ohio Group Seeks Accountability from Speaker Boehner: Young Patriots
2 brothers shot dead on Far South Side: 'Going to be war out here': Trib


Conservatives slam Paul Ryan for fighting government shutdown plan: DC
Rep. Mike Kelly: Obama "Divides Us on Race": John Hawkins
Navajos Oppose Moonbats Who Obstruct on Their Behalf: Dave Blount

Docs show Holder’s taxpayer funded luxury personal travel expenses: BPR
Ann Barnhardt: Their Goal is Economic Collapse: NoisyRm
Elizabeth Warren Demands Blood Donation Rights For Gay Men: Glob

Scandal Central

Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment – Missouri Represents: Nice Deb
NSA tips off law enforcement, asks them to keep the practice secret: NetSec
New Hastings Crash Video Suggests Foul Play: James Daniels

Did Valerie Jarrett Issue the Order to Stand Down in Benghazi?: Rush
The Answer to Obamagate is Hiding in Plain Sight: Leathern Penguin
Impeach Obama Protests Erupt Across America: Susan Duclos

Climate & Energy

The Deeply Secret Science of the EPA: Elephant
GM Cuts Chevrolet Volt Price by $5,000 As Sales Stall (Again): RightPundit
Nuclear Power's New Friends?: Joseph Somsel


Umm…guys?: Cold Fury
Top Ten Things Media Found More Important Than al Qaeda: LI
Spraypaint Graffiti Outside Obama’s Housing Speech: ‘Impeach Obama; Don’t listen to his lies’: Sooper

Tweet Calling Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie” Has Twitter All Abuzz: Steven Ertelt
GOP Threatens to Stop Being The Party of Stupid: CHQ
OFA Tries To Strong Arm Critics of its Improper Support Of Political Candidate: WZ

Severely conservative Mitt Romney tells Republicans not to defund Obamacare: Scoop
Keith Ellison Confirms: All of Our Money Belongs to Bureaucrats: Dave Blount
Krauthammer: Obama Administration Treated Benghazi Like a Crime Instead of Act of War: WFB


The Mosque: Center of Religion, Politics and Dominance: Clare M. Lopez
The victims: Stories of the 13 killed at Fort Hood: AirForceTimes
New Book Reveals How Top Government Officials Withheld Critical Info From Key Senators: The Clapper Memo

Did U.S. Arm Muslim Brotherhood in Sinai?: Shoebat
Boehner a squish? Maybe not so much when it comes to fighting Islamo-Fascism: Eric Dondero
Treblinka Uprising 70th Anniversary Ceremony Features Last Living Survivor Samuel Willenberg: Zach Pontz

Freedom to Criticize: Samuel Westrop
Iran builds a terror network in Africa: Matzav
State Dept: Our Position That We Don't Need A Position On Egypt Remains Unchanged: Breitbart


Nielsen releases study that proves causal relationship between Twitter and TV ratings: Natan Edelsburg
Physicists freeze motion of light for a minute:
OFF No Longer Means "OFF" -- Android: Karl Denninger


All the President’s Men: MOTUS
A Detailed List of Curious Coincidences in President Obama’s Life: MinorityReport
Like Shark Week, But with Actual Facts: Deep Sea News

Image: Nice Deb
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QOTD: "The Arab Spring represented political chaos in a lawless society, not social change or cultural enlightenment. Pundits and columnists fell to scribbling nonsense about the transformation of the region because they didn't understand that simple fact. They made the same mistake that Americans have been making with democracy promotion all along. Culture and society don't follow political systems. It's the other way around. Politics grows out of a culture and a society. Even tyranny. Or perhaps, especially tyranny.

Whoever runs Egypt will still leave it a corrupt place where family connections matter more than merit, where the poor struggle to get by, where everyone resents everyone else, where political alliances fall apart in the blink of an eye and everyone waits around for a tyrant to take matters into his hands and usher in some stability." --Daniel Greenfield

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It's not as Whoopie would say, spying spying...

Obama: Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes.