Monday, November 11, 2013

BRILLIANT: John Kerry and Barack Obama Negotiate "the Deal of the Century"... for Iran's Nuclear Terrorists

I have my issues with Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) on many of his domestic policy positions, but he deserves our praise for standing strong on national security. In particular, his staff has produced this helpful chart, which summarizes the outstanding deal evangelized by the Neville Obama administration.

A deal that undermines sanctions and doesn't stop a future with Iranian nuclear weapons is the deal of the century for Iran.

...According to multiple news reports, the P5+1 offered the following sanctions relief to Iran during the latest round of negotiations: repatriation of $3 billion in Iranian assets trapped in accounts overseas, in addition to the suspension of current sanctions with respect to precious metals (like gold), Iran’s petrochemical and car industries, and aviation parts.

News flash, Democrats: when you surrender faster than France, you're doing it wrong.

Hat tips: Twitchy and BadBlue News.


Matthew W said...

Looks like the same deal that the libs give the NorKs every time they want a deal

Anonymous said...

'We've spoken to the leaders of Iran,and can guarantee,WAR IN OUR TIME.'Just give them the Sudentenland now.
chester arthur

Anonymous said...

Looks like Hanoi John and the santa-in-chief obama aren't doing so good with "our" allies. First England's Parliment vote on Syria now the French.

Jefferson Ohio said...

I just can't grasp on how frickin stupid this administration is. Give the Iranian government enough material for a bomb? Really?? Arm the largest sponsor of terror, the nation responsible for arming anyone who hates us, with a nuclear weapon?

Anonymous said...

It does not matter if it was obama or other. The deal needs much tweaking. Let's begin with either Iran gives the USA all that was supposedly offered to Iran or there will never be peace - NOT Ever. We The People of the United States of America will not stand/allow any one to trample on us.

Anonymous said...