Wednesday, November 13, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Introducing Obamacare Dental

Courtesy of Uncle Ben

By the way, along with other conservative blogs, Twitter is now censoring this blog's automated twitter feed and all of the BadBlue news channels (they've been marked as spam). All of the progressive, radical Left, Communist and Marxist blogs have been -- surprisingly -- unaffected by this outage. Coincidentally.

Got fascism?


angrymike said...

Wow, the best pictures of all the blogs, stole, it should be a toothless girl asking some ugly dude to spend the night, as she pops a birth control pill...... ;)

Anonymous said...

Obama lied and good people are going to die. Good thing for Barry is that Americans know how to suck it up and walk the plank.
After what he's done to people I'd like to live long enough to see him face death. I doubt if Reggie will be around then to hold his hand, I wonder if his kids will even show up.... maybe it will be too expensive to fly to Kenya then.