Sunday, November 10, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: A message of hope to Obama cultists

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A message of hope to Obama cultists: Matt Walsh
Psst, Hillary operatives: William A. Jacobson
The Lonely Guy: Todd S. Purdum, Vanity Fair

Say, How’s That ACA Enrollment Working In North Carolina?: RWN
Reid: ‘Get over it. It’s the law. It’s the legacy of Barack Obama...’: CFP
How The Republican Donor Class Gave Us Terry McAuliffe: Ben Domenech

Obama admits government, compared to the private sector, sucks: Althouse
Glock Steps Up In Challenge To California's Handgun Roster: OG&M
Appellate Court: California Ammunition Controls Unconstitutional: NRA-ILA

Obama doesn’t believe he lied…: Protein Wisdom
If you Like Your God, you Can Keep Him: Betsy McCaughey
Working around the clock to fix Obamacare: POTUS golfs for 150th time: WZ


IRS Sent Hundreds of Checks to One Address in China: Sara Noble
You Didn't Build That, You S.O.B.: Patriot's Corner
How Health Care Rapes You: Karl Denninger

Scandal Central

Obama's Massive Fraud: Andrew C. McCarthy
Morality is for suckers …: Protein Wisdom
BOMBSHELL: Obama admitted in 2010 that millions would lose health insurance: Scoop

Climate & Energy

Who are the true denialists?: Anthony Watts
Supertyphoon Haiyan Leaves Over 1,200 Dead: The "Massive Destruction" In Photos And Videos: ZH
Typhoon Haiyan feared to have killed 10,000 Filipinos; Vietnam and China prepare for the worst: Daily Mail


Calls Begin For Obama’s Impeachment, Removal Over Serial Fraud and Corruption: GWP
Email to Bret Baier Puts ObamaCare Disaster Into Perspective: JWF
Sen. Ted Cruz holds his own against ‘prosecuting attorney’ Jay Leno: Twitchy

Andrew Breitbart Was Right: Max Blumenthal Is Despicable: R.S. McCain
The New York Times endorsed a secretive trade agreement that the public can’t read: Andrea Peterson
Runner's World Promotes Handgun Ban alongside Shoe Reviews, Training Recipes: NRA-ILA


Breaking: France refuses to allow Obama to sell out to Iran on nuke talks: LI
Hagel calls for pay, benefits cuts to military: This Ain't Hell
Interesting: Obama Accused Of Crimes Against Humanity In International Criminal Court: RWN

Kristallnacht and the Drive for Gun Control: Gates of Vienna
Plight of Europe’s Jews revealed in new survey: Tom Wilson, The Commentator
We’re In The Most Dangerous Moment Since the Cuban Missile Crisis: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

TTAG Exclusive: World’s First 3D Printed [Metal] Gun Fires 500 Rounds: TTAG
$1.2 million in Bitcoins hijacked in 'social engineering' attack: Steve Dent, Engadget
Social Media Gives Companies Positive ROI: Dennis McCafferty, Baseline


WWII Doolittle Raiders making final toast: Dan Sewell, SFGate
Fairy Tales Can Come True, That’s the Bad News: MOTUS
The Moment Mike’s America Interrupts President Reagan: L.D. Jackson

Image: Kristallnacht and the Drive for Gun Control
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QOTD: "But remember: big tent! We must all stick together! Unless it’s Richard Lugar refusing to back Richard Mourdock after being beaten in the primary; or Charlie Crist switching parties; or Karl Rove attacking Christine O’Donnell on the night of her primary upset; or the attacks on Sharon Angle, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Steve King, and a host of other conservatives who continue to vex the “pragmatic,” “pro-business” (read: crony capitalist) GOP establishment, who has watched as outsiders — citizen legislators — have invaded their turf and upset status quo that “comity” and “collegiality” covered for." -- Jeff Goldstein

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