Friday, November 22, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Senate Republicans Can Retaliate. Will They?

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Senate Republicans Can Retaliate. Will They?: Daniel Horowitz
Mark Levin: how to respond to Harry Reid's nuclear option: Scoop
The Democrats’ naked power grab: Dana Milbank

No Liberals, We’re Not Going To Help You “Fix” Obamacare: John Hawkins
Thug Playing The “Knock Out Game” Gets Shot Twice: John Hawkins
Obama Throws a Nomination Party Post-Nuclear Option: Bridget Johnson

How Harry Reid Just Nationalized the 2014 Midterms: Bryan Preston
Obama 2005 : Nuking Filibuster "Will Poison Washington": Flopping Aces
Revel in this delicious hypocrisy from Harry Reid: Patterico


The Case for Evidence Based Government: RS
Disability Trust Fund Runs Record 5 Straight Years of Deficits: CNS
California rejects Obamacare canceled policy “fix”: LI

Confirmed: Government Draws Workers of Lower Moral Caliber: MB
WaPo: No, you can’t keep your doctor or your hospital: Ed Morrissey
The 5 Economic "Big Lies" The Government Is Telling You: ZH

Scandal Central

Mainstream Media Protests Obama White House’s Censoring of Media: TPNN
Battleground Texas, Enroll America Exposed: ‘This Conversation Never Happened’: Bryan Preston
Exclusive emails on rollout debunk Obama’s ‘we didn’t know’ claim: BPR

Ted Cruz on Nuclear Option: Harry Reid broke his promise just like Obama: Scoop
FLASHBACK: Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Biden, Dodd, Feinstein, Schumer, Baucus, Reid Slam Nuclear Option: AllAm
Democrats Go ‘Nuclear,’ Eliminate Filibusters on Most Nominees: Roll Call


Remarkably Mendacious Take on JFK’s Assassination (NYT, WaPo): David Bernstein
Obama Holds Off-The-Record Meeting with MSNBC Hosts, Juan Williams: TruthRevolt
Hysterical Hypocrisy on Filibusters from the New York Times: Patterico

Idiots at Politico Super-Surprised No One Told Them About Consequences Of OFailurecare : Cove
Blackout: NBC Censors All Coverage of ObamaCare for Days: Kyle Drennen
Carville: Obama to Blame for ObamaCare Disaster: JWF

Barack Obama And Harry Reid Aren’t Normal: LoneCon
A Failed Presidency: Peter Wehner
Too much incompetence from Obama to believe it’s not intentional: Allen West

And Barack thought buying insurance was hard: MinorityReport
CEO: ‘When we go to the White House, we talk to people we wouldn’t hire.”: GWP
One Sole Apology for a Generation of Outrages: We Deserve Much More: James Simpson


How Obama Let Iran Go Nuclear: Rick Richman, Commentary
Israel 'unpleasantly surprised' by US quiet on Khamenei's vicious speech: Times of Israel
UK Gets Its First Muslim-on-White Honor Killing: Daniel Greenfield

41 uncensored Instagrams from North Korea: David Guttenfelder
5 charged in US bust over North Korean meth: Tom Hays, AP
Egypt Is in Official Mourning as Misery Piles Up: Hamza Hendawi, ABC News

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News

The MEAN Stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js: The Code Barbarian
TIL there is a picture of earth taken from Saturn 6,000,000,000 km away.: Reddit
Google Wallet update allows you to ‘scan’ in your cards: Andrew Grush


MO Sightings Rise: Obamacare Craters.: MOTUS
U.S. Army General: Let's Make Obama Resign: Angle
Sex in the Senate: Bobby Baker's salacious secret history of Capitol Hill, part I: Todd Purdum

Image: 41 uncensored Instagrams from North Korea
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: It's Time to Bypass Washington and Restore Our Republic

QOTD: "“This is how democracy ends. Not with a bomb, but a gavel.” --Sen. Harry Reid, 2005, describing the proposed nuclear option that would end the filibuster

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