Monday, November 25, 2013

GOHMERT: Obama Has Repeatedly Betrayed Our Ally Israel

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is the man:

I haven’t heard anybody else make a connection; maybe there isn’t any. But two days after we voted with all of Israel’s enemies against Israel, something called a flotilla left and moved to challenge the blockade, the lawful blockade, at the Gaza Strip. I don’t think it’s an accident. People notice when distance comes between a strong ally and the nation they’re against. That’s why we got to be so careful with what we’re doing.

And I’ve got this article, and I’ll just quote briefly. This is from February 2012, from the Washington Post; not one of my biggest fans — Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has a lot on his mind these days, from cutting the defense budget to managing drawdown of US forces in Afghanistan. But his biggest worry is the growing possibility that Israel will attack Iran over the next few months. Panetta believes there is a strong likelihood that Israel will strike in April, May or June.

Folks, that is a betrayal of your ally. It was intentional, and they had been putting pressure on Israel not to defend themselves. I’m told by people in Israel, friends there, that you wouldn’t believe the pressure that this administration has brought to bear on Israel not to defend itself. And that’s a betrayal.

...Because another thing we did – we don’t know who, we know Panetta did that in the Washington Post. But the story came out in March of 2012. And this is from ABC News, also not one of my biggest fans — Israelis suspect Obama media leaks to prevent strike on Iran. And then it talks about — reports today about Iran’s nuclear program and the possibility of an Israeli strike. And what they did was they outed that Israel was going to use Azerbaijan in order to attack. Why in the world would an ally do that to another ally? That is a betrayal of incredible proportions, and Israel knew it.

And again this fall, we have betrayed them yet again, when the United States leaked that it was Israel that had an attack in Syria. If any of what is — there are some that believe that the negotiations with Iran were stepped up by this administration because they know — Israel knows they’ve got to defend themselves. And as I told Prime Minister Netanyahu two years ago – I’m really sorry we’ve put you in a position of not only defending yourself but defending us. You shouldn’t have to do that. We ought to be defending ourselves, not you.

But this administration, I believe, knew that they would jam Israel so badly if they were negotiating with Iran, as Iran moved very close, or perhaps developed their nuclear bombs. How could Israel attack while the United States is negotiating for peace?

Because Iran says — look, we’re not going to let you come into our facilities. But we’ll agree not to be developing nuclear weapons, you know.


Now, if that sounds familiar – I knew it sounded familiar to me. And as Steve King and Scott Garrett tell me — you’ve got a phenomenal memory for minutia. Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it’s not.

This is from the New York Times. Now, they love me.


UN Agency Doubtful on Deal — under the agreement reached earlier this week – wasn’t Iran — North Korea – this is October 21st, 1994 – North Korea agreed to in-place storage the fuel it removed last spring from a five-megawatt graphite reactor containing enough plutonium for four or five nuclear bombs. And the article goes on and talks about how Clinton and Madeleine Albright – you remember them?


Yeah, they’re giving a lot of good advice these days. They felt like – and so they cut this tough deal with North Korea that we will give them nuclear power plants if they’ll promise not to use them to develop nukes. It reminded me of when Jeff Foxworthy said, you know, he had no money. And the guy comes to the door and says — I got to repossess your car. And he says — I’m sorry, could you just give me another month? He said — I’m told to either leave with the car, or cash, or a check. He said — a check? You’ll take a check? Oh, I got a check.


That’s where North Korea and Iran are. Oh, you’ll take an agreement? Okay. This says in exchange North Korea will abandon its existing nuclear facilities and renounce any plans to build nuclear weapons. Only once the nuclear installations are substantially completed, however, will North Korea allow agency experts to inspect its sites. That could be five years or more, according to agencies in Vienna. That deal allowed North Korea to develop nukes. And they’re working with Iran.

Folks, elections do have consequences, and we’re living with some. But it doesn’t mean we have to multiply those. It is true what is said in Washington – no matter how cynical you get, it’s never enough to catch up.

Keep the faith. We can make a difference.

That, my brothers and sisters, is called speaking truth to power. Read the whole damn thing.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Reliapundit said...

yup. betrayed israel and other allies.

and cui bono?
iran and the muslim brotherhood and their ilk.

hoft reports that obama is closing our vatican embassy.

the only way obama could seem more like the antichrist is if he grew horns, cloven feet and tattooed 666 on his forehead.

Anonymous said...

There's a Muslim in the White House don't ya know, not that there's anything wrong with that - unless you are growing tired of fraud, collusion, murder, betrayal, cover-ups, deceit and hinky Mooslim love - brought to you by a dude whose golf game never improves.
I wouldn't let smiley walk my dog, make my lunch or fill up my car let alone follow him into the hell he's driving us into.
America needs to wake up and recall stinky.

Unknown said...

There are many US Congressmen that you could have quoted.... Levinson, Graham, McCain....Why did you chose this low IQ moron of all people. "Goober" Gohmert is a laughingstock. Just read some of this:

DrSandman said...

Like all Marxists, he's an athiest, not muslim. He adapts the affectations, gestures, and customs of his audience, all in the raw pursuit of power and "ends justify the means." Like all athiests, he's amoral. Remeber this, and you will never be surprised or disappointed by him -- because your expectations are so low to begin with!

Anonymous said...

As usual I am right. You hatred for the black man in office knows NO bounds, it also seems it also knows NO sense of reality!

Racist Right Continue to falsely Paint Obama as a Tyrant, even RIGHT after a video comes proving he ISN’T

Who started this lie? The Racist Right, but it’s people like
Famous Hollywood filmmaker David Mamet, painted the President as one on
the Hugh Hewitt program yesterday, and every brain-dead racist stupidly
agreed. But REALITIY begs to differ.

So not fighting Israel’s war for them makes you a tyrant. Yes,
because there’s nothing more common about Tyranny and Tyrants than
making peaceful diplomatic deals. Tyranny is always associated with
peace and non-violence, after all. *eyeroll*

The president has taken the initative to negotiate while the
negotiating is good. The new Iranian president has come to the table. We
can either kill them or come to an agreement. We should not spare one
drop of blood unecessarily. There’s no benefit in war for this country.
We should have learned that, if we’ve learned nohing else since 9/11.

If this plan fails and Iran gets the bomb, let the Israelis
neutralize it. The idea that the US should enter combat to keep Israel
from getting into a wider war, which is why we are enmeshed, is
problematic. Israel is the power in the region, but we end up using our
power to tamp down hatred for the Jews in the Arab world by being a
buffer prepared to launch strikes. This has got to stop.

Obama has gotten rid of nearly all of the heads of Israel’s rivals in
the ME or pressured them to give up their chemical weapons or nuclear
programs. He’s cleared a path for Israel to rule the ME if they choose.
Yet Mamet calls him a tyrant? Ungrateful SOB!

Sorry, Mamet, but my kids are not going to die in another desert war
defending 12 million Jews living on land stolen from Muslims. We’ve been
doing the heavy lifting for Israel for years now. Let them take over
from here.

P.S. I don’t hate Jews, I clearly indicated I supportsIsrael having
their own self-determination. They can take care of themselves perfectly
fine. It’s pitiable people who can’t provide or take care of themselves
that need American charity. If you believe that Israel is a primitive
economic basketcase so entrepreneurially rudderless and incapable of
governing themselves without a tin-cup on a street-corner, then maybe
it’s YOU who’s the REAL Jew-hater.

How is the international comunity supposed to protect Israeli nuclear interests when Israel opposes all international nuclear institutions, accords, regimes and rejects all international nuclear treatys?

And shouldn't Gohmert be representing the interests of his US electorate and not those of Israels Likud Party?

directorblue said...

Hey, anonymous, anti-semitic scumbag:

Racism has nothing to do with opposing Obama no more than sexism had to do with opposing Shrillary.

The list of crimes this administration has committed is staggering, with accusations coming from right-wing sources like the ACLU and FAS.

Race card? That's why we support Allen West, Tim Scott, Herman Cain, dumbass.

Now get the f*** off my blog, you anti-semitic scumbag.

Cliff M said...

That was a very restrained smack down for what it really deserved. And anonymous, you say when the Iranians get the bomb, Israel can eliminate it. The point is not letting it be constructed, idiot. Apply game theory, if you are able. Iran gets nuke. Well anonymous and others say "Well Israel will destroy it when they find out about it". So riddle me this dense one. When should the mullahs use it? Does it correlate with immediately?