Thursday, November 14, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: If You Vote For These People, You're Voting for Obamacare

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If You Vote For These People, You're Voting for Obamacare: Sara Noble
Obama Threatens Veto of “If You Like It, You Can Keep It” Bill: RWN
Yes, It's a Trap: Erick Erickson

HHS: We Can't Tally A Sequence Of Positive Integers: Ace
ObamaCare Cancellation to Enrollee Ratio: 50 to 1: John Nolte
If Rule of Law is dead...: III Percent

Sebelius Announces's Numbers: Less Than 27,000: Ace
Where is Kay Hagan’s Apology For Lying to North Carolina?: Erik Soderstrom
House Dem Frustration With Obamacare Reaches Fever Pitch: Emma Dumain

Reid doesn’t have the votes he needs to use the “nuclear option”: Poor Richard
As 1MM Californias lose coverage, Feinstein bails: John Hayward
A reversal of fortune for Democrats after Obamacare: Dana Milbank


What Is the Real Unemployment Rate?: Tom Blumer
Will The Supreme Court End Union Organizing By Extortion?: RS
HHS: 106,185 Obamacare enrollments in October: UnitedLiberty

Scandal Central

I'll Need an ID for Cold Medicine, But Not for the Morning-After Pill: Ricochet
Reminder: Obama Admin Promised Obamacare Glitches Would Be Fixed Within “Hours”: WZ
Details emerge about Americans badly injured in Benghazi attack: Catherine Herridge

Climate & Energy

Surprise: Ethonal Creates Environmental Problems: Cove
50,000 Poles Protest Against UN “Climate Change” Conference: Cove
Marxists at The Nation Declare Typhoon Haiyan Caused By “Climate Change”: Cove


Scholastic Publishing Eliminates Israel From Map In Children's Book: TruthRevolt
How to Speak New York Times: Caleb Howe
Kristen Powers: My Policy Wasn't Canceled Becasue It Was "Substandard": Ace

White House Officials Spin Politico Reporter, Pushing Two Contradictory Claims: Ace
“Introversion isn’t Obama’s problem, his inability to tell the truth is”: Protein Wisdom
Sen. Mary Landrieu LAUGHS when Wolf Blitzer asks if she wants to apologize: Scoop

Twitter Spam Detection Thinks Conservative Sites Are Spam, Not So Much For Liberal Ones: WZ
CNN's Tapper: Dems Won't Come on To Talk Bad Obamacare Numbers: TruthRevolt
A Critical Few Weeks for Democrats? It Could Get Worse: Stuart Rothenberg

Ezekiel "Dr. Death" Emanuel, Architect of ObamaCare, Blames Fox News for His Failures: FNI
Former Federal Prosecutor: Obama is guilty of SERIAL FRAUD: Scoop
Trey Gowdy on Obama: ‘This is what happens when you base a campaign on a fundamental lie’: JWF


Socialism and Communism Always End This Way As Covert Looting Becomes Overt In Venezuela: HyScience
Mossad: 'Stuxnet is our baby; Obama disclosed it for his reelection campaign': Matzav
At Senate hearing, Google warns of 'splinternet' but NSA does not budge: John Ribeiro

MEMRI: Obama uses nonexistent fatwa as basis for Iran talks: Hayom
The Myth of Islamic Extremism: Daniel Greenfield
Report: 2009 John Kerry Letter Backed Anti-Israel Gaza Terror Flotilla: Algemeiner

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook Patented Making NSA Data Handoffs Easier: Slashdot
Microsoft Abandons Employee-ranking System: Loek Essers, CIO
Next-gen HTTP 2.0 protocol will require HTTPS encryption (most of the time): Brad Chacos


Notes on the Pussification of America: Fred Reed
“Got Insurance?”...“Used to got, but now, not.”: MOTUS
Famous Photos Reimagined as Selfies in Newspaper's Wonderful Print Ads: AdWeek

Image: Satellite pics from day of Syria strike show advanced Russian arms
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Obamacare, One Month In


"It seems like only yesterday that the corrupt Democrat Party was loudly insisting that the people who lost their insurance policies under ObamaCare were a bunch of “red herrings” and “Chicken Littles,” to quote two phrases they employed during congressional hearings. They claimed the problem of insurance cancellations under ObamaCare was wildly inflated. When that didn’t work any more, they reverted to the cold default argument of socialism, and claimed the “losers” of ObamaCare – the people who believed Barack Obama’s Big Lie about being able to keep their insurance plans – were mere collateral damage, acceptable losses during the Great Health Care Leap Forward. They made loud, false claims that the plans lost to the Affordable Care Act were junk policies that consumers were foolish to have bought in the first place.

They even tried rewriting history and claiming Obama had always said… or meant… or silently believed in his heart… this would always happen. The Democrats even tried arguing that it was our fault for accepting the plain meaning of Obama’s words, when we should have read the bill none of them read before voting on it and understood that he was, shall we say, de-emphasizing certain unattractive truths. We should have known better, even though the massed ranks of the media closed in around Obama like a Praetorian guard of propaganda. We should have ignored the billion-dollar “news” racket and read the Affordable Care Act ourselves, cover to cover, discovering with our own eyes that millions of people were going to lose their coverage, no matter what Barack Obama said. We should have known his Health and Human Services Department would later issue regulations that made his promises of “grandfathering” existing new policies into the system functionally meaningless. The hot new lefty talking point became “Obama mis-spoke,” but what they really meant was, “You mis-heard him.”

All of these dodges, evasions, excuses, and lies piled atop lies flickered past in the space of just a few weeks. You can tell it didn’t work because top Democrats are swan-diving off the high rails of the Titanic, abandoning those old talking points like so much rubbish left behind in their staterooms. Yesterday it was Bill Clinton bailing on Obama and calling for legislation that would force Obama to live up to the Big Lie, by allowing people to keep their existing insurance plans. Now it’s Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) – another one of the power-mad Democrats who was proud to vote on ObamaCare without reading it, and now wants to throw her weight behind the bill introduced by terrified Democrat Mary Landrieu of Louisiana to protect existing insurance policies." --John Hayward

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Anonymous said...

Democrats used to motivate the masses with quips like, "if one child is saved" and that gave them license to fill cars with techno-crap for our safety, ban guns, establish un-constitutional check points for drivers, abort children for convenience because they were "unwanted" etc, and we should be surprised that when the chips are down for them and the ship is sinking we find them throwing the dead wood overboard - the sick, the lame, the cancer ridden simply because they want to keep the illegitimate power they have curried for themselves(?)