Thursday, November 21, 2013

Predicting a TSA Patdown [Papa B]

Guest post by Papa B*

I'm just saying...

*Editor's note: this post has absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever, which is precisely why we love Papa B around these parts.


lgstarr said...

Carnac the Magnificent sez: "They're real, and they're spectacular!"

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes they are!

Anonymous said...

They are NOT real. Sorry to disappoint you, but believe me, they are not real. If you bumped into one of them you'd think you had just brushed up against a coconut.

But they're a nice example of the art of cosmetic surgery. She'll look just fine for twenty years till the real parts start sinking below the silicone. Then the popup timers will start pointing south instead of east and west.

Enjoy 'em while you can.


Anonymous said...

If they can stay up without the natural drop THEY ARE 100% FAKE. It's obvious you've had little to no experience with tits lol if you can't tell that they're fake.

Anonymous said...

I bookmarked this,
Several things came to mind:

First - I think i just realized [and am looking at] the secret to programming "Heat Seeking Missles"

Second but the most direct - "WHO CARES IF THEY'RE REAL OR NOT REAL"

Third: I think we've witnessed the secret to "The Profit Motive"

Fourth [See number three] - Babies are Born with an instinctive understanding of "The Profit Motive", why do we go to so much trouble to Educate it out of them?

Anonymous said...

If I get to play with them, WHO CARES!

Gman said...

Pretty sure Igstarr was just having fun with a line from the sitcom "Seinfield" with Teri Hatcher.