Friday, November 29, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Ten Thanksgivings Ago

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Ten Thanksgivings Ago: Black Five
The Obama who Stole Thanksgiving: Daniel Greenfield
"Well-regulated": David Hardy

Obama finds a way to ruin Thanksgiving: Cal Thomas
Thanks for the Heritage: Protein Wisdom
Spread the Word: Western Rifles

Communist Party USA: protect Obamacare by crying “Racism!”: John Hawkins
Krauthammer mocks ‘creepy,’ Soviet-like Obamacare Thanksgiving ad: BPR
Hillary Backers Begin to Realize She the Truth: Daniel Greenfield


America’s Coastal Royalty: Victor Davis Hanson
Broken Families Dragging Down Growth: Michael Barone
Nuclear Response to Harry Reid’s Nuclear Option: CFP

Scandal Central

The Vindictive Totalitarian Hand of the Obama Regime: iOTW
Issa accuses Obama IRS appointee of ‘deliberate’ distortion: BPR
An outbreak of lawlessness: Krauthammer

The IRS Continues to Punish Obama’s Enemies: Nice Deb
Cancer Patient Who Spoke Out Against ObamaCare Now Being Audited: Daniel Greenfield
NYC alarms with notice: ‘Immediately surrender your rifle’: Times

Climate & Energy

Environmentalism Is the New Racism: Daniel Greenfield
As temperatures drop, talk of ‘global cooling’ heats up: Twitchy


Why Reporters in the U.S. Now Need Protection: Paul Steiger, ProPublica
MSNBC Just Proved They Take Direct Orders from Barack Obama: TruthRevolt
The Nadir of Hackery: R.S. McCain

WW2 Navajo Code Talkers Appear in Redskins Jackets; Liberal Heads Explode: Daniel Greenfield
Thank You, Senator Cruz: William A. Jacobson
RUSH: Communism Today, In Large Part, Is The Democrat Party.: Daily Rushbo

Is It Too Soon To Say “I Told You So”?: Ann Coulter
Larry Elder: Media Ignoring Knockout Game Due to Racial Implications: Albert Merrick
These Wild Claims By The President Suggest He May Not Be Sane: Allison Martinez


WHAT? Obama Tells Netanyahu To Shut Up About the Iran “Deal”: Minority Report
Dem: Obama 'fear-mongering' on Iran: Blake Neff, The Hill
Irish Citizens Rise Up Against Islamic Invasion: Rick Wells

Don’t forget to give thanks to our troops on Thanksgiving [photos]: Twitchy
A Vastly Changed Middle East: Caroline Glick
Hatin’ on the drones: This Ain't Hell

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Mystery Is Resolved: GIFs, Crazy People and All That Malarkey: Vitaly Friedman, Smashing
Is your TV spying on YOU?: Guy Adams, Daily Mail
Ever want to be invisible? It could happen soon in America, unless Canada beats us to it.: Ben Terris


The Best Quotes of Cardinal Arinze: The Young Apostle
Happy Thanksgiving email For Friends and Family: MOTUS
Shoppers gone wild: Black Friday fights at Walmart, Best Buy, and malls: Twitchy

Image: Inflation, Shortages, and Social Democracy in Venezuela
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