Monday, November 25, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Iran Deal Represents Another Historic Mistake By Obama Administration

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Iran Deal Another Historic Mistake By Obama Administration: Nice Deb
‘Checks and balances’ is now called ‘obstructionism’: Renee Nal
Bill Frist on ‘unprecedented obstructionism’ and the nuclear option: Renee Nal

WH, Get This, Lied About Last-Minute Changes to Ace
White House refuses to rule out nuking filibuster rules altogether: Hot Air
12-Year-Old Jewish Boy Victim of Racists In “Knockout Game” Attack: WZ

Forbes: The Impeachment Option Would Be Well-Deserved: Bob Allen
The "Knockout Game": Freedom's Torch
Obama DOJ memo: gun ban to require registration, confiscation: Bob Owens

Destructive Totalitarian ‘Equality’: R.S. McCain
Oh My, Obama Enrages Media With A “Screw You” Pic: WZ
Obama calls GOP an 'impediment' at Seattle fundraiser: Fox


Bailouts for Cities?: Steven Malanga and the Gulf Between Planning and Reality: Clay Shirky
Despite administration’s claim, Common Core IS curriculum: Poor Richard

Scandal Central

Tick-Tock: Sharyl Attkisson Documents Panicked Pre-Launch CMS: Ace
Nuclear Option Now Gives Obama Unchecked Appointments To IPAB (The “Death Panel”): WZ
Every Legal Gun Owner In DC Must Submit For Fingerprints Or Face Felony Charges: RWN

Climate & Energy

Prominent Yale warmist admits global warming impact is ‘invisible’: Steve Milloy
General Electric’s Crony Capitalism: Hunter Lewis
COP19 “Climate Change” Conference Ends With Typical Failure: RWN


Mark Halperin Makes a Complete Fool of Himself, Chapter 3,054: Ace
What Bias? CNN: Come on, all good presidents lie: Poor Richard
Making Himself the Focus of a Picture Supposedly Intended to Celebrate JFK: Ace

Analysis: Melissa Bachman and online misogyny: Rebecca Davis, Daily Maverick
Zeke Emanuel and me, ethicists ... qualifications compared ...: John Jay
Signs of Change in News Mission at Bloomberg: NYT

NBC: Here It Comes...: Ace
Wa Po Op-Ed: Thanksgiving Turkey is 'Un-American': TruthRevolt
MSNBC’s Disgusting Attack; Hoping Grateful Americans Forgive Obama’s Health Care Lie: MRC


Abject Surrender by the United States: John Bolton
John Kerry’s optimism about the Iran nuke deal has a distinct Neville Chamberlain feel to it: Doug Powers
At Least Syria Is Happy: Ace

Kerry Lies About Agreement with Israel Over Iran Deal: TruthRevolt
Let us Raise a Flag of Truth and Liberation: Geert Wilders
Che Guevara in 10 (Not So) Great Quotes: Minority Report

Obama, Iran & Peace In Our Time: Wolf Howling
Obama Chose Dishonor: Shoula Romano Horing
Senator: Iran 'Spiking the Football' on 'Weak' White House: Breitbart

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Tools of the Trade: SWAT: Fred Mastison
See the very first (surprisingly handsome) selfie... from 1839: Eric Mack, CNet
From email newsletters and online forms to $25k in three months (no coding required): Mikael Cho


A Special Right Wing News Poll On Tactics To Use Against Obamacare: RWN
Send Out the Clowns: AWD
Keeping an eye on Iran...: Blue's Blog

Image: Nuclear Option: We Were “Againts” (sic) It Before We Were For It.
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QOTD: "Here’s an example of the Gates-funded[, Common Core] curriculum’s math that’s actually being used in New York public schools:

3. Sally did some counting. Look at her work. Explain why you think Sally counted this way.

177, 178,179,180, 190,200, 210, 211,212,213,214.

Ummm…the only answer I can come up with is because Sally learned to count from Common Core." --Poor Richard


Anonymous said...

I for one hope the deal work's out.

Having said that, here is the bigger problem?

During the Iraq war the democrat's kept on making a case for "peaceful nuclear power".

This is a BIG problem? There is NO one set definition as to what peaceful nuclear power means.

For example; The U.S. is NOW constructing 16 nuclear reactor's for the Saudi's.
Just so they have the know how on how to build themselves a nuclear bomb.

It's touched off a heck of a construction boom in the middle east, and else where around the world.

Old nuclear reactor programs HAVE been re-activated for "Peaceful Nuclear Power" of course.

But you folks NEED back ground information "" This is what the CIA's world fact book SHOULD look like.
You folk's remember that old saying? That Truth is Ugly.<~~~~ this is so bleeping true.

Anonymous said...

By the way Doug;

Thank You for allowing this old wheelchair user to post in here.

33 years online, going after the easy information is way BORING.

To hopefully other Republicans in here? What I am posting in here is Gospel.