Monday, November 11, 2013

WAPO: Administration So Desperate It's Now Reduced to Lying About How to Count Obamacare Enrollees

WonkBlog, of all places, spotlights yet another complete fabrication on the part of the geniuses behind Obamacare.

The fight over how to define the new health law’s success is coming down to one question: Who counts as an Obamacare enrollee?

Health insurance plans only count subscribers as enrolled in a health plan once they’ve submited a payment. That is when the carrier sends out a member card and begins paying doctor bills.

When the Obama administration releases health law enrollment figures later this week, though, it will use a more expansive definition. It will count people who have purchased a plan as well as those who have a plan sitting in their online shopping cart but have not yet paid.

“In the data that will be released this week, ‘enrollment’ will measure people who have filled out an application and selected a qualified health plan in the marketplace,” said an administration official, who requested anonymity to frankly describe the methodology.

The disparity in the numbers is likely to further inflame the political fight over the Affordable Care Act. Each side could choose a number to make the case that the health law is making progress or failing miserably.

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal, citing anonymous sources, said insurance companies have received about 50,000 private health plan enrollments through Even combined with state tallies, the figure falls far short of the 500,000 sign-ups the administration initially predicted for both private sign-ups and those opting for the expansion of Medicaid.

This is simply more fraud.

If Amazon attempted to tell its shareholders that sales included items left un-purchased in visitors' shopping baskets, they'd probably be subject to criminal and civil penalties.

But big government seems to be above the law.

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Mark said...

I think they should also count anyone who has visited the web site but not completed the registration process, because hey, maybe they WOULD have bought a plan if only they had gotten through the registration. Plus they should estimate how many people plan to visit the web site but haven't done so yet.