Thursday, November 28, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: I'm sure a few tweets from Sandra Fluke on contraceptives will right this boat

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I'm sure a few tweets from Sandra Fluke on contraceptives will right this boat: Ace
NYT frontpage illustrates how bad Obamacare: David Freddoso
Gibbs: Uhm, Yeah, I Guess Obamacare Gots Death Panels: TruthRevolt

Dangerously Effective: Dems Panic Over GOP Obamacare Attacks: JWF
The Hotline's Senate Race Rankings: Democrats on Defense : National Journal
Colorado anti-gun state Sen. Evie Hudak (D) abruptly resigns her seat: Moe Lane

SF Protesters to Obama: Please Be a Dictator!: Zombie
Jimmy Tarlau: Communist Nutjob Runs in Maryland: NoisyRm
Astroturfed Marxists Call for an Obama Dictatorship: NoisyRm

The Future That Never Comes: Daniel Greenfield
Sorry for Being Right All the Time About Your Stupid Law: Stephen Green
Obama Calls Conservatives “Tea Baggers” In Letter To Texas Teacher: WZ


Obama Voters: He “Gives Me Stuff” And I Don’t Have To Work: John Hawkins
Obamacare axes cheap health insurance for another 90,000 in NJ: WyBlog
What Doomed Detroit: Ed Driscoll

Scandal Central

The greatest politician in world history: Cold Fury
The Bad-Faith Presidency: Rich Lowry

Americans Demand Holder’s Impeachment: Tom Hinchey
Dem to Obama: Don't fix Iran's airplanes: Julian Pecquet, The Hill
Knockout Game Victim: 'Whole Group of Kids Laughed': Breitbart

Climate & Energy

EPA preparing to unleash deluge of new regulations: DC
The Consensus is DEAD: 48% of Meteorologists Don't Believe in Man-made Global Warming: Lid
Green Energy Dishonor Roll: MB


CNN and MSNBC Lose Almost Half Their Viewers in One Year: NB
The Protocols of The Elders of Huffington Post : TruthRevolt
Joan Walsh Knows More About African-American History Than the Average White Person: Ace

Is the Obama White House photo policy reminiscent of Soviet propaganda?: Hot Air
NYTimes Bids Farewell to Traditional Family: MRC
This year, invite a “turkey” TO dinner instead of FOR dinner: MOTUS

Health Expert: ‘Halperin Was Right The First Time’ – Politifact ‘Completely Wrong’ on IPAB: Nice Deb
Obama Approval Hits All-Time Low in Ohio: Tom Bevan, RCP
How To Talk To Your Socialist Aunt About ObamaCare On Thanksgiving: Glob


The White House and Iran Can't Agree on What It Is They Agreed On: Ace
Iran president: We won, enrichment will never stop: DC
Iran Announces Development of Ballistic Missile Technology: Adam Kredo, WFB

Illegal Alien Mob of 100 People Attacks Border Control. Mexican Authorities Let Them Go.: RWN
Snowden: Government Tracks Individuals’ Online Activities to Embarrass Them: Patterico
Oh, Shiny Pony!: SDA

Rules of engagement: The Virginian
New rules of engagement a death trap for US troops in Afghanistan: BPR
How Green Was My Afghanistan: SDA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Esoteric Symbols Behind User Interfaces, Explained: Fastcodesign
A snapshot of one minute on the internet, today and in 2012: Leo Mirani, Quartz
Second Solar System Like Ours Discovered: UniverseTodady


Ezra Klein, Perplexed Again: Ace
The Day I Laughed Until I Cried: Life in the Backwoods
The machine gun everyone wants for Christmas: BPR

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QOTD: "It truly is insidious, I think, this devotion to cause such that one would seriously -- earnestly! -- urge others to fight with family in order to advance a political goal. It's not just about the casual denigration of the family in favor of the Real Family, which is of course like-minded socialists in the Progressive Cult. It is that, but it's not just that. It's also this idea that a person's highest aspiration is to be... A telemarketer. Or, as there's nothing "tele-" about picking fights with your family in face-to-face meetings, an epimarketer, then. There is a terribly strange notion affecting the country, chiefly on the left but sometimes on the right, that man's highest calling is to be a Public Relations Account Manager." --Ace

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