Monday, November 18, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: 4 Years Ago, the GOP Exposed the Obamacare Lies

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4 Years Ago, GOP Exposed the Obamacare Lies: Byron York
Obamacare for Illegal Aliens: GJWHG
Indiana Senate leader working toward U.S. constitutional convention: Dan Carden

D.C. Insurance Chief Fired After Questioning Obamacare Fix: Scott Shackford
Tightening Down: Liberty's Torch
Governor for President? Walker Volunteers.: Jonathan S. Tobin

Democrat Utopia of Chicago: 15 Shot Overnight: Second City Cop
Oregon Governor dispatches cop to harass citizen journalist: Bearing Arms
Newcomer McAllister Wins Special Election in Louisiana: Roll Call

The week the Obama presidency began crumbling: John Kass
Hillary Clinton can run, but she can’t hide, from Obamacare debacle: LI
Rep. Ann McLane Kuster (D-NH) sneers at the American people!: Moe Lane


Take It to the Bank: Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform
Janet Yellen: Punishing savers helps the greater good: WyBlog
A Message To Janet Yellen: Welcome to the Crack House: SurvivalBlog

Scandal Central

Monday Morning DC Catch-Up: Nice Deb
CIA Head Brennan Lied, Benghazi Survivors Were Asked To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements: WZ
Obama Spends Sunday Working To Fix Obamacare. Just Kidding, He's Golfing: WZ

Did Obama write the regulation to cancel your insurance after Obamacare was passed?: Adrienne
AG Holder asks for appeal in Fast and Furious case holding him in contempt: Fox
Microsoft’s Gates and Ballmer Bankroll Crooked Signature Gatherers for Gun Control: TTAG

Climate & Energy

Tennessee Valley Authority closing 8 coal fired power plants: Jazz Shaw, Hot Air
Thousands of trucks block French roads in ecotax demo: PhysOrg
Dave Winer sees climate denier karma in Midwest tornadoes; Anti-Gorebots school: Twitchy


Obama Is the Subject of the Sentence: R.S. McCain
Rules for Radical Republicans: Ed Driscoll
After Bashir’s Disgusting Palin Rant, Video Surfaces Of Him Making Slavery Analogy: WZ

The Fourth Obamacare Shock Wave Is About To Reach Us: Jim Powell
To Charles Krauthammer: Obama Has Never Been a Mystery: Jack Kerwick
Students At Historically Black College Slam Obama Over ObamaCare: Kevin Jackson


Obama accedes to Israel's possible annihilation.: Ben Stein
Netanyahu Praises France’s “Courageous Stance” On Iran, Says Nothing About Obama: WZ
Egypt's military regime sets up memorial to its own massacres: Telegraph

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Visual Cryptography: DataGenetics
Commentary: A lean startup approach to making booze: Nathan Kaiser, GeekWire
The corporate Web site is dead, long live the new corporate Web site: Michele Mehl, GeekWire


Vote In The Right Wing News 2016 Presidential Candidate Survey: RWN
Obama isn’t a loner.: Ann Barnhardt
The John Kerry-Lee Harvey Oswald Connection: Daily Mail

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QOTD: "...last week the Obama presidency began crumbling. Some may be disappointed, and may see him in heroic terms, withering like a character in an ancient tragedy.

A few of us saw a backbencher from the Illinois state legislature, a guy who took orders, then rode to the White House on a personality cult, finally exposed.

Obamacare, his health care plan rammed down America's throat without a bipartisan consensus, not only became a political embarrassment, it became a political disaster.

The Obamacare website continued to implode, Americans lost their health insurance even though he repeatedly promised them they wouldn't. Period.

The word "liar" was suddenly attached to his name, because of the cynical, untruthful promise he repeatedly made, and once Obamacare began collapsing, his fellow Democrats began to run in panic." --John Kass

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Ann Barnhardt's "Obama's Not a Loner" should be required reading for every registered voter.