Friday, November 29, 2013

DON'T LET THEM CHANGE THE SUBJECT: Seven Lies and Seven Liars of Obamacare

Guest post by Herman Cain

Seven lies from seven Democrats about ObamaCare, just so you don't forget the matter at hand.

When you're as desperate as Barack Obama is right now - with your approval ratings plunging and people no longer even finding you to be an honest person - you're willing to try almost anything to make people focus their minds on something else. Well, I should qualify: That's what you do if your priority is your own political viability. If you're a real leader, you man up and solve the problem. But we don't have a real leader. We have Barack Obama.

So he is desperately trying to change the subject from ObamaCare to just about anything else. As Dan wrote this morning, he sent John Kerry off to get a deal with Iran at any cost so the two of them could wave the piece of paper and pretend they had accomplished something. At the same time, they are once again pushing an amnesty bill that they hope will lock in illegals as loyal Democrat voters fix the immigration system.

But none of these are serious policy initiatives. Their purpose is simply to change the subject from ObamaCare, which is quickly turning into a political crisis of historical proportions for the Democratic Party. And we're not going to let them do it. We're not going to let them make you forget that Democrats lied through their teeth about letting you keep your policy, about your premiums going down, about letting you keep your doctor and your hospital, about what the whole thing would cost . . . I could go on, but you get the idea. So in the spirit of refreshing your memory, I herewith present seven lies from seven Democrats, at least one of whom thinks she should be the next president.

I think you know what to do with these:

1. Max Baucus
"If you like what you have you can keep it."

2. Harry Reid
"Those fortunate enough to have health insurance will be able to keep theirs."

3. Mark Begich
"If you have an insurance program or a health care policy you want of (inaudible), you keep it"

4. Mary Landrieu
“While those individuals who like the coverage they already have will be able to keep their current plan.  This is a very accurate description of this bill before us - The Patient Protection and Affordability Act.  It's very accurate."

5. Hillary Clinton
"You keep the insurance you have if you like it."

6. Nancy Pelosi
"If you like what you have and you want to keep it, you have the choice to do that."

7. Barack Obama
“If you like your health care plan you will be able to keep your health care plan.  Period."

Liars. Every single one of them. The only conceivable defense against this charge would be for them to say that they trusted Obama, and if that's what the did, they're fools. But I don't buy it. They're all liars, and that should never be forgotten, especially not at a time when the president is so desprately trying to change the subject to anything else.

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Anonymous said...

...uh, we don't have Barak Obama,
we have Barry Soetoro. Nobody even knows where he changed his name. He's set the Country on fire and all heads do is talk.