Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Still Trying to Blame the Republicans for His Failures with a Straight Face

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Obama Still Blaming GOP for His Failures with a Straight Face: Stephen Kruiser
Impeach Holder? It's About Time: Dave Blount
Watch Out, Red-State Democrats: Alex Roarty

About that Nuclear Option, Senator Reid...: Ace
Cruz on Potential Impeachment Of "Lawless" Obama: RCP
Collapse of the Leviathan: Erick Erickson

Anti-Gun NYC Chief Wants 6 Armed Guards After Retirement: JPFO
Bummer: Victim shoots attacker in Knockout Game: WGBAL
Open Season on Jews: Black Mob Violence in Brooklyn: WGBAL


Politico vs. Politico on Insurer Bailouts: Ace
Senator Mike Lee Critiques the War on Poverty: RS
Unionized public employees strike over 14.5 percent raise: Ben Yount

Holder Drops Pursuit of Voucher Program in ‘Temporary Victory’ for GOP: Tatler
WH won’t say if Obamacare payments will be ready 11/30: Poor Richard
Hawaii Spent $778,000 In Taxpayer Funds For Each Obamacare Enrollee: WZ

Scandal Central

Don’t Dismiss a Conspiracy Because it is a Conspiracy: Ben Howe
Fort Worth Drivers Stopped by Police, Asked for Saliva and Blood Samples: Bryan Preston
Emails: IRS official said Lerner threw Cincinnati office under the bus: Instapundit

Climate & Energy

George W. Bush Calls for Keystone XL Construction: WFB


Do Americans Prefer Deception?: Walter Williams
Comically Evasive Mouthpiece Jay Carney: Ace
New York Times signals Dems that it's time to ditch Obamacare?: Rosslyn Smith

WH: “Majority of People” With Group Health Plans Will Lose Their Insurance by December?: PunditPress
“Meanwhile, Obama’s approval rating dipped to a low of 37%”: Scoop
Let me show you precisely how messed up progressive pundits are over Obamacare: Moe Lane

Marco Rubio: No Bailouts for ObamaCare: WSJ
On Martin Bashir's Pooping Fetish: Ben Shapiro
Ted Cruz remembers Gettysburg…: Scoop


What could do wrong? Valerie Jarrett reported to have struck deal with Iran for Obama: Sharona Schwartz
White House denies Jarrett's secret deal-making with Iran: Elephant
Ronald Lauder Says ‘Only France Stands Between Us and a Nuclear Iran’ Mocks Wendy Sherman: Algemeiner

British police being ordered to hide crime from being reported: John R. Lott
Shall I SuperSize Your NDAA Combo Meal?: Blasted Fools
UN Chief Ban Ki Moon Visits Auschwitz – Pleads Tolerance for Muslims: GWP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News

U.S. Army will have its Iron Man suits in four years: Colin Druce-McFadden
Yahoo CEO Mayer talks mobile strategy, design approach: Chris Kanaracus, CIO
Review: Nike+ FuelBand SE: Mikey Campbell, AppleInsider


A Democrat Thanksgiving: Rick McKee
Terrified Obama Trapped Inside Website: The Onion
Why one Mom's puppy and son photos have become a viral hit: The Blaze

Image: ‘Out of touch’ unionized public employees strike over 14.5 percent raise
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: What is an Article V Convention of States?

QOTD: "In 1861, Abraham Lincoln told Congress that the “leading object” of American government was:

“ elevate the condition of men – to lift artificial weights from all shoulders, to clear the paths of laudable pursuit for all, to afford all an unfettered start and a fair chance, in the race of life...”

In a single sentence, Lincoln explains precisely what poverty is, and what government ought to do about it. As Lincoln knew first hand, true poverty was not for most people an absence of money, but an absence of opportunity..." --Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)

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