Sunday, February 07, 2010

Oh my heavens! Sarah Palin wrote some words on her hand. Wait here while I alert the media.

Joe Weisenthal at Business Insider saves us the trouble of surfing to the Stuffington Roast:

You can stop making fun of Barack Obama for his dependence on a teleprompter. Sarah Palin -- the biggest hero of the right -- was caught by AP photographers with cliff notes on her hand.

See on her left hand there?

Maybe not. That's okay. HuffPo zoomed in and cropped it closer:

We can read the top word, energy, pretty clearly.

We also see the word "tax" in there.

We're not sure what the other ones are.

Any thoughts?

Near as I can tell, the notes read: "Energy   Budget Cut   Tax   Lift American Spirits."

What hasn't been disclosed thus far is that President Obama was recently observed using handwritten notes on his hand as well. Cub Reporter Biff Spackle took this photograph at a recent press event using a telephoto lens.

Ah, so that's why President Obama always appears to be observing a geriatric tennis match while he gives his speeches!

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Rose said...

ROFLMAO - not a term I use often but......... Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha You go girl Make them talk to the hand!!!! We love you Sarah!!

Larry Sheldon said...

Other blog, I think, have reported tat the items are:

Budget[crossed out] Cuts
Lift American Spirits

(I'm working from memory--next one I see I'll come back and report.)

That little trick pretty much locked me in as a Palin supporter.

Larry Sheldon said...

Aw, hell, this is about the only place they aren't quoted completely--use Bing to look for -> palin notes on hand <-

SallyW said...

Go Larry! I thot it said Lift aquarium Santa LOL

I love when she makes such an impact on simple minds (huffpo)

Larry Sheldon said...

And I blew it!

The words are:

Budget(crossed out) Cuts
Lift American Spirits

OneBadClam said...

The point is one of Sarah's big laugh lines ridiculed Obama's use of a teleprompter. It is obvious that Sarah frequently referenced a prepared text on her podium. Look at the video. Her head was bobbing up and down throughout the entire speech proper; three or four seconds audience eye contact, a few seconds looking at and shuffling something on the podium, repeat. At the end of her speech (but before the Q&A) you can see Sarah gather up a stack of paper (not 3x5's cards, actual office paper. and quite a few, at that)as she moves away from the podium and momentarily exits the stage. And then the use of crib notes to get through the pre-screened questions.

When one makes it a point to mock the use of a common aid to public speaking is it not hypocritical to then employ a common aid to public speaking? Look, no reasonable person would condemn Sarah Palin for making a speech from a prepared text and other notes. But this is a clear case of glass houses and casts a pall on her character.

RobbyS said...

One BADClam:

The knock on Obama is that he uses the teleprompter as his brain. Like an actor/singer who can not memorize his lines, or improvise. Not true, but he is certainly a member of the uh/Oh/er school of speach makers. Probably got this from his teachers--not the Rev. Wright--who do this, it seems, to affect thoughtfulness. Palin tends to rattle on and is prone to malaprops, and she needs structure to prevent this from happening. I say she belongs to the Davy Crocket school. Despite the coonskin hat and the lack of formal education, Davy was a very effective Speaker--and a man who dressed like a gentleman.

Larry Sheldon said...

Lots of people use note, lots of people read prepared comments (particularly if there are legal implications, or if there is an industry that depends on you saying "newcuelar" when talking about atomic energy.

Some people do that with no personal engagement and automaton behaviour (watching Obama speak is like watching a metronome--never any eye contact, never any an connection visible with either audience or material).

Mrs. Palin uses (apparently) all the tricks public speakers use (including pronunciation cues on words that are misleading when read).

But she appears to be engaged in what she is saying and with the audience. She adjusts what she says as she goes along. If the Teleprompter stalls, or something distracting happens she continues as if she was in the room and aware of what is going on. (unlike Obama who verbally flops around gasping like a fish that has jumped out of its bowl or depth).

I don't know the woman nearly well enough to guess at the notes on her hand, but I will tell you that if somebody saw them on my hand, people who know me might ask: "Did somebody corner you with questions that you need to answer tomorrow and you didn't have your note-pad again?", or "somebody called and answered some questions and you got caught without any paper?"

(With me, it is often happens that the wife calls with a grocery list while I am driving or otherwise occupied.)

In any case, if that is the best you can do with her speech, y'all really are a sad and silly flock of capons.

suki said...

The visible fingernail on that second photo makes it look suspiciously like a woman's hand. Could this be an attempt to picture Obama as needing notes for a task that he seems to have learned well.

Tom said...

@Suki ... The second photo is clearly a fake made to mock the President for his. I suspect it was made from Mrs. Palin's other hand out of the same photo.

Cabby - AZ said...

Sarah Palin is genuine. I don't care what methods
she uses to deliver a speech - script, teleprompter,
her palm - It make's no difference.

What makes the difference is she speaks from
the heart regardless of the consequences. She
is real - unfeigned - and comfortable in her
own skin. I like that. Moreover, she speaks the
truth, and people embrace someone of that
caliber. The sky is the limit for her.

Anonymous said...

This patriot used her own "notes" written on her hand. These we her talking points that she wanted to make sure were addressed. Something nearly every politician does, whether it be on the hand or on paper. While the empty suit residing in the White House reads word for word what is displayed in front of him. Not necessarily even written by himself.

Anonymous said...