Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mark Levin's Top 50 Nicknames for Loser Politicians and MSM-ers

Bestselling author and talk radio icon Mark Levin routinely mocks the left with some great nicknames. My top 50:

1. Milhaus (aka Barack Milhaus Obama, aka Barack Hussein Obama)
2. Plugs (Joe Biden)
3. Stretch (Nancy Pelosi)
4. Mary Landfill (Mary Landrieu)
5. Jim 'Melon-Head' Webb
6. Al Capone (Rahm Emanuel)
7. Meyer Lansky (David Axelrod)
8. John McLame (John McCain)
9. Harry 'the Body Odor' Reid
10. Jon Leibowitz (Jon Stewart)
11. Benedict Nelson (Ben Nelson)
12. The Dwarf Senator (Barbara Boxer)
13. John D-Student Kerry (John Kerry)
14. The New York Slimes (New York Times)
15. Washington Compost (Washington Post)
16. The 8pm-er (Bill O'Reilly)
17. Screwball on Screwball (Chris Matthews)
19. The Associated Depress (AP)
20. Little Dick Durbin (Richard Durbin)
21. Dianne Frankenfeinstein (Dianne Feinstein)
22. The Spiteful Troll (Al Franken)
23. Schmucky (Chuck Schumer)
24. Olympia Snowjob (Olympia Snowe)
25. Arlen Spectacle (Arlen Specter)
26. Stempy Hoyer (Steny Hoyer)
27. Keith Overbite (aka Countdown to No Ratings, aka Keith Olbermann)
28. The 5pm-er (aka The Backbencher with Tourettes, aka Glenn Beck)
29. Her Thighness (aka Hillary Rotten Clinton, aka Hillary Rodham Clinton)
30. BJ (Bill Jefferson Clinton)
31. Meet the Depressed (Meet the Press)
32. Rachel Madcow (Rachel Maddow)
33. The Buck-Toothed Moron (David Letterman)
34. The Jerkinator (aka Moron in Two Languages, aka Arnold Schwarzenegger)
35. John Dingleberry (John Dingell)
36. Lindsey "Goober" Graham
37. Barney's Frank (Barney Frank)
38. Anthony's Weiner (Anthony Weiner)
39. The Crminal Front Group Known as Media Matters
40. RuPaul (Ron Paul)
41. Jesse Jerkson (Jesse Jackson)
42. Al "Not So" Sharpton
43. Weiner Nation (aka Savage Nation, aka Michael Savage)
44. Steven Cole Bert (aka Spock Ears, aka Steven Colbert)
45. Repubicans (Moderate Republicans)
46. Tom Brokejaw (Tom Brokaw)
47. Huffington Compost (Huffington Post)
48. American Criminal Liberties Union (American Civil Liberties Union)
49. National Organization for Really Ugly Women (National Organization for Women)
50. Colon Polyp (Colin Powell)

I'm sorry, but "Milhaus" never gets old. And -- who'd I miss?



Anonymous said...

Big deal -- Levine (La VIN?!) copies pathetic, neurotic Michael Savage who works overtime to make up junior high pseudo names for everyone he dislikes (virtually the world), too.

Both think they are so original and clever. Both are complete bores in my book.

directorblue said...

Yo, Anon -

Except that Levin (not Levine) has written multiple NYT bestsellers including one on the Supreme Court and one on the Constitution and American History (1.25 million copies sold of Liberty & Tyranny).

Except that Levin uses his real name, unlike Savage.

Except that Levin is President of Landmark Legal Foundation, which successfully litigates against the usurpation of the Constitution by an out-of-control federal government.

Except that Levin is a Constitutional scholar par excellence and his radio shows are often like law school lectures.

Levin is awesome. Read Liberty & Tyranny, then get back to me.

Anonymous said...

Mr freeze - Al Gore

Anonymous said...

Levin is brilliant.

His radio show is brutal. He is fine when on a monologue, but the moment he starts talking to actual people, the show tanks.

Hosts like Rush, Hannity, Beck, Prager have the ability to take whacko leftwing callers and make their shows more enjoyable. When Levin gets a liberal, he resorts to playground style insults and hangs up. Really entertaining, not.

John Trenchard said...

"When Levin gets a liberal, he resorts to playground style insults and hangs up. Really entertaining, not."

actually thats not entirely true - when the mood takes him, he invokes the 60 second liberal clock.

Other times he goes with the flow and lets the liberal dig himself a rather big hole.. as exemplified by this clip via Youtube:

Unknown said...

You forgot chris "ill have another drink" matthews aka chris matthews.

kt said...

big fat ed the red schultz

kt said...

matt demon matt damon

YoursTruly - said...

The Morning Schmo aka Joe Scarborough

Anonymous said...

Krispy Kreme - Chris Christie
The creepy little ballerina - Rahm Emanuel

Anonymous said...

Chuck Shmagel- Chuck Hagel

Unknown said...

The Capa cod orca Ted Kennedy.

Jon said...

Jim "Melon-head" Web

Anonymous said...

Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi

Unknown said...

Josh "NOT-SO" Earnest

Anonymous said...

BJ Bill Jefferson aka The Big Dummy
John Kerry=Mashed Potato Face

Anonymous said...

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