Sunday, July 10, 2011

Worst. President. Ever.

For all of the drones out there suffering from Bush Tourette's Syndrome*, I present -- courtesy the Office of Management and Budget -- the only chart you need.

It turns out that the unemployment situation is so dire -- despite trillions in wealth redistribution -- that even the far left Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has launched an organized attack on President Obama.

Black unemployment today continued to hover at a near record high of 16.2 percent, according to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor... The rate is near the highest rate recorded for blacks during President Obama's tenure... The black unemployment rate for June was 16.2 percent, the same as the May rate. The May rate was up from April's 16.1 percent, which was the largest increase since November's 16 percent.

On Thursday, members of the Congressional Black Caucus assailed Obama for his handling of the rising black unemployment rate.

"Can you imagine a situation where any other group of workers, if 34 percent of white women were out there looking for work and couldn't find it?" asked Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, the Democratic chairman of the caucus. "You would see congressional hearings and community gatherings. There would be rallies and protest marches. There is no way that this would be allowed to stand."

Not to mention what would have happened had there been a Republican President in office. Jesse, Al and a cadre of other crackpots -- possibly consisting of NYT reporters -- would be marching on Washington demanding something or other.

* You know: "It was Bush's fault! Bush! Bush! Bush did it! And Cheney! And Bush! And Lee Harvey Oswald! And Bush!"

Update: The Disappearing Black Middle Class

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Mt Top Patriot said...

There's a lot of folks in dire straights. Without a job, no food, in a really bad way.
Not for nothing, I didn't vote for obama, for quite a few reasons. But one that sticks out in my conscience every time I see his repulsive picture, or hear his arrogant petulant voice I'm reminded I did not vote for him because he is a race baiter, a bonified radical race merchant and tyrant. And what tyrants do best is divide people, in order to conquer them.
Man did Americans by the millions whose skin is dark, and even more with white skin, get suckered by this con artist. You let the left and the media dictate your circumstances, rather than search in your hearts, whether this bum was lying to your face or was the real deal. You all who voted for this sociopath got no one to blame but yourselves for the situation you all got all of us into for falling prey to identity politics and white guilt. buying into the hate and blame, instead of your Liberty and Prosperity.
Who you gonna call now?
You got a demi god and his merry band of left wing misfits who want to ram every conceivable piece of commie social justice right up your backside, who don't give a rats arse about you or me. Only fulfilling a century old blood feud with the best country to ever exist.
You all who voted for this maniac handed this nation to him on a silver platter.
and if you don't get your act together next go around in 2012, being unemployed is going to be the least of your troubles. because these bums have only begun to destroy yours and mine country.

Anonymous said...

"despite trillions in wealth redistribution"

Well just for the sake of argument, exactly what tax policies are you talking about, and how much is being redistributed from whom to whom?

Seems to me the big story is the huge redistribution from tomorrow's taxpayers to today's taxpayers, including today's wealthy, but that probably doesn't fit anybody's talking points except Tom Coburn's.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the last Republican budget is 2007.

heartlander said...

Obama doesn't give a flying flip that the people his demolition derby is hurting the worst are his fellow blacks. "Gotta break a few eggs if you wanna make an omelet." Human lives mean nothing to him -- as witness the Gunwalker scandal. What's a few hundred dead Mexicans if the big prize is confiscation of American citizens' guns?

Anonymous said...

The black middle class was and always will be a fiction, only more fictitious and statist is the black upper class and black academics. There is a reason such high numbers of black voted for him, and will continue to do so. I actually hope some of the low job numbers are employers taking some of their outrage regarding O out on his bros. But I doubt it. People are too stupid and egalitarian and afraid to even consider the notion.

It is merely that companies can't afford chaff in their factories, on their selling floors, or for hard manual labor. They have to have performance and blacks don't perform, and expect to not have to do so. What will they do when the military starts expecting the same, restricting enlistment, and dumping the louts in the ranks? Oh noes! As well, the first hit are those on the bottom economic rungs, which plunges their third world neighborhood even further down, in a cycle. Especially among people who seem to think that trying to get ahead honestly is "too white". Let them enjoy their fruits.