Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Definitive Leftist Family Tree

Spotted at The Looking Spoon, a complete genealogy of the Statist Left.

The complete poster version of the image was created by Curtis Bowers and is available for purchase at The Agenda Documentary:

So now you know the lineage of the Democrats' catastrophic philosophy.

And anyone claiming to be a conservative who sits out this election -- because they don't like this one or that one -- should be considered a deserter. For they are AWOL on the battlefield.


Whitehall said...

Sure don't see Bill Ayers and teh Weather Underground as a descendents of the Fabian Socialists. They were the source of the British Labor Party.

Anonymous said...

While it is foolishness to sit out this election, it was Conservatives that were abandoned first, early on. Bachman/Palin and others. Expecting the candidate the liberals don't harshly demonize and thinking he won't betray you once securing the nomination is a fools endeavor, rose colored glasses.
Defering to the liberal agenda ALREADY, there will be no real win. McCain II is nigh upon us, I'll be back to tell you; I TOLD YOU SO.

directorblue said...

@Anon -

It took 90 years to get us in this mess. It will take 90 years to work our way out.

Because you didn't get everything you wanted in 2010, you're ready to throw in the towel?

You must not have kids.

This political battle is only beginning.

Anonymous said...

The new design of the website is completely broken. Site is unreadable for me now. Takes forever to load, will not scroll properly at all no matter how long it loads---maybe a javascript issue--but I can't come here anymore. A shame.
Macbook pro; Safari.

Anonymous said...

Weather Underground is the offspring of the Frankfurt School.