Thursday, August 19, 2010

The AP needs a new name for Ground Zero Mosque: won't you please help? Update: The Top 15 #APMosqueNames So Far

Because the AP ordered its reporters to stop referring to the Ground Zero Mosque as, well, the Ground Zero Mosque, helpful commenters at Michelle Malkin's site suggested some alternatives.

Pro journalists: take note. The top 15?

15. Landing Gear Mosque
14. Project Bloomberg
13. 9/11 Victory Mosque
12. Daily Kosque
11. Caliphate-on-Hudson
10. The Gorelick & Clarke Building
 9. Mosque formerly known as the Ground Zero Mosque
 8. Hamosque
 7. Crater’s Edge
 6. Bullseye
 5. The Mohammed Atta Memorial
 4. Hormel House
 3. The Debris Field Mosque
 2. Burlington Terrorist Factory
 1. New York Fire Training Academy

Won't you please help the AP?

Update: Cerploda House.


directorblue said...

Cerploda House?

Bones said...

House of the usual suspects

Anonymous said...

The Allah-day Inn

Anonymous said...

Mosqow on the Hudson

Wannie said...


OldSouth said...

Miss Piggy's Downtown Digs

The Presidential House of Worship

House of Ali-Baba and The Forty Democrats

The_Bad said...

The Soetoro Memorial House of Nobel and Falafel

Mike aka Proof said...

Turban Renewal

Sad Hill News said...


Definition: blood sucking parasite capable of spreading a number of diseases - some deadly.

showbiz111 said...

Mosque-ow On the Hudson

WTC Mosque & Flight School

The Rub Americans Noses In Crap Mosque

Salt In The Wound Mosque

The If At First You Don't Succeed Try Again Mosque

Victory Mosque

Park Place Mosque & Control Tower

Spit In Your EyeMam Mosque

Anonymous said...

ITT (Islamic Terrorist Training) Tech
G. Haddi's
Burlington IED Factory
My, My, My, My Sharrrria
Islamic Sensitivity Center

BROOKLYN said...


"10. The Gorelick & Clarke Building"

How about "We Tried in 1993, and thanks to the Clintons, were able to succeed in 2001 - Mosque"

'Mosq-ito' is pretty funny.

I like the "Pelosi-Reid-Obama-Clinton Memorial Mosque - Thanking The Insane, Weak, Incompetent, Dishonest Democrats Who Enable The Very Worst (PS: By the way, when are you Democrats going to 'kill' that Patriot Act so us poor Militant Muslims can PREY in peace)"

Anonymous said...

The When Pigs Fly Mosque
The Shariah Spa and Harem
The Salted Wound Observatory
The Trojan Horse Mosque
The Dhimmi Sanctum
The Bin Laden International House of Uproarious Laughter
The Obama Albatross
The Religion of Pieces Plaza
The United Nation’s Little Buddy Bungalows
The New DNC Headquarters
The Harb Istinzaf Community Renewal Project

trencherbone said...

Moloch's Altar

Anonymous said...

A) The Taqiyyah Mosque

Taqiyyah means lie or deceive in Arabic.

B) The Mosqarade

C) The House of Exploding Kitman

Kitman is another arabic term for lie or deceive.

D) The Shi'te Hole

E) The Dhimmi Dome

KHP814 said...

I think the Imam's own characterization is best: the D'awa Mosque. Dawa is recruiting for Islam. Evil loves to tell you in advance what will be done. Remember 'fundamental change for America'? On a final note, for all your liberal friends peeing themselves over conservative religious intolerance, ask them why St. Nicholas church (Greek Orthodox) which stood almost between the WTC towers, has not been given permission to rebuild in NINE YEARS??? Tolerance for Wahabi is exactly the same a tolerance for a rabid dog in your kitchen.

Anonymous said...

St Dhimmi's

The Ra'uf is on Fire Mosque

Jihad Me at Allahu Akbar Mosque

To Mock a Killing Field Mosque

The Twin Cowards Mosque

Taqiyyah Sunrise Mosque

Dhimmi Wonderland Mosque

Call me Lennie

Anonymous said...

NB: Call me Lennie is Anonymous poster's name, not a suggested Mosque name. if I wanted to go that way, I'd have gone with

Call me Ishmael's Tool Building

Anonymous said...

3,000 and counting...

Epaminondas said...

The Sayd Qutb House of Pancakes

Ibn Tamiyya Coliseum Mosque

Abbatoir Viewhouse Mosque

The Mosque at 10379 (the floors the planes hit on the buildings)

Qaeda Kudos Mosque

The 200 Sbarros Mosque

4000 Missing Jews Mosque

Anonymous said...

(More Lennie)

Subjugated State Building

Iraqofeller Center

Dhimmitry United Church

Mohammedan Square Garden (because after all it's not really a mosque; it's a rec center)

Downtown Prostration Club

Cathedral of St Bloom The Supine

Unknown said...

Osama's & Obama's playground!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg's IED

Obama's Landmine

Allah's Sole House

Sole as in bottom of shoe or foot

Anonymous said...

A few names to illustrate just how far away two North to South New York City blocks actualy is (528 feet)

The Tiger Woods 9 iron Shot Away From Ground Zero Mosque

The Mickey Mantle Single Home Run Blast Away From Ground Zero Mosque

The Usain Bolt 15.46 Second Sprint Away From Ground Zero Mosque

The 204 Second Brisk Walk Away From Ground Zero Mosque

Russell C. said...

Mosque Ado About Nothing

NotBornInKenya said...

World Traitor Center

Taqqiya Bell

Burlington Turncoat Factory

Son Of The Mosque

DancesWithGreyWolves said...

A Wing And A Prayer Mosque

No Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll Center

Waterboardwalk & Park Place Mosque

500,000NewJobsAMonth said...

Missing Persians Bureau

Imam & Pop Shop

Between Iraq & A Hard Place


Anonymous said...

New al Qaida Headquarters

We Won Mosque

Victory House Mosque

King Obama's Mosque

The New WTC (World Terror Council) Mosque

New Democratic/Islamic National Committee Headquarters/Mosque

Pigs Aren't Us Mosque

Crash Central Mosque

Two Down Mosque

3,000 Less Infidels Mosque

You Asked For It Mosque