Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photos: Today's 'Stop the 9/11 Victory Mosque' Protest in Lower Manhattan

Thanks to Shankbone's Flickr feed, we have a view into today's protest -- organized by -- against the Ground Zero Victory Mosque* in lower Manhattan.

Click on any of the photos to see the complete album.

Update: FireAndreaMitchell has additional photos spotted on Twitter.

* Complete list of alternate names for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque here.


AmPowerBlog said...

Great posting ... will link this up a bit later. Meanwhile, I have a major report up that you might want to take a look at: 'Imam Rauf's Hush-Hush Taxpayer-Subsidized Middle East Tour — Plus, Inside the Victory Mosque's Shady Washington-Riyadh Finance Trail'.

Lawyer Mom said...

They might consider naming it something else. The headline makes it sound like a movement to stop the protest.

Brooklyn said...

They covered it predictably in the local NYC area news arenas. They framed both 'sides' as equal in size, gave about 4 to 1 of the coverage to the PRO-Ground Zero Mosque, and tried most definitely to shape the days events.

It was the same on channel 2, 4, 7, etc.

A real manipulation...

But one was a tiny bit different, they did not completely ignore those wisely protesting AGAINST. They did give at least a little coverage to the opposition, which clearly dominated the protests.

It is the big swindle of the last 30 years, and we have to break it somehow, or we will continue to find the unethical Democrats surviving and empowered to do their worst.

Bones said...

Here's my prediction.
This goes on till Oct.
Then, in a surprise announcement, Obama reports that he has talked to the Muslims and convinced them to build elsewhere.
Muslims say they understand the opposition and being such great and compassionate people , they will not build it there.
Obama shows everyone he is the great negotiator and understands the people's feelings.
Obama looks good and the Muslims look good. All just in time for the election. (As planned from the start)