Saturday, August 21, 2010

Smithsonian Unveils Impressionist's Portrait of First Lady; Fails to Accurately Capture Glare of Displeasure Seen When Dealing With 'The Little People

Rockwell he ain't.

Hat tips: Fausta and Larwyn.


Unknown said...

It doesn't even look like her!

vanderleun said...

Doesn't really capture the deeply sour sponge that exists at the center of her soul.

Reliapundit said...

hmmm: no brown in it. just black and white and blue.

and most of her skin is depicted as white.

what does that signify?

is it post-racial?

i think not.

it postmodern.

the first postmodern portrait of a first lady.

how apt.

The_Bad said...

Am I the only one who expects to see the alien second mouth come snapping out of her trap?

RP Free Speech said...

I would call that a poor representation of the subject. It attempts to hide her (lack of?) humanity, and further the 'fashion icon' image.

The white skin, however, shows exactly what she has been trying her entire almost 47 years years to achieve--a very poor goal, IMHO.

Bones said...

It looks like one of those matchbook covers that says "draw me".

gail said...

She has a sideburn?

Greg said...

They missed her look of pure, unadulterated hatred for the U.S.

Anonymous said...

"Sullen bitch" doesn't really do her justice.

Mark said...

That looks more like Felicia Rashad, the wife on the Cosby show. She would have been a much better choice for first lady.