Saturday, August 21, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Another Team Obama draft memo You Must Ignore!

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Another Team Obama draft memo You Must Ignore!: Malkin
Dems' New ObamaCare Message: We're 'Improving' It: RWN
Another Obama recess appointment, another radical: AT

Unmosqued: Tapes Unearthed of 'Moderate' Imam Rauf: Ace
Sleeping With the Enemy: Noisy Room
Oh My: Dino Rossi Ahead of Patty "Tennis Moron" Murray By 7!: Ace


ShoreBank's Faux Shutdown: Malkin
Video: The New Orleans School Voucher Program: BlogProf
How Teachers Unions Abuse Non-Union Teacher Paychecks: RWN

Welfare Bureaucrats Swarm Like Locusts: RWN
First It Was Jobs Saved, Now Obama Counting 'Lives Touched' : JWF
The Ride Down: AT

Climate & Energy

Obama's Stealth Ocean Confiscation: Malkin
23,000 workers impacted by Obama drilling ban: WashExam
When You Truly Need Someone To Do Something Stupid, Look For A Climate Creationist: RWN


An open letter to Michael Calderone regarding the definition of ‘Ground Zero’: Caller
DNC Pulls Bush Ad: LegalIns
‘How dare you call Obama a Muslim? Not that there’s anything wrong with it…’: Caller

Bitter Clingers in the Mist: Driscoll
Muslims, not Americans, are religious bigots: Tapscott
Ann Coulter vs. WND: WashExam


Tapes Reveal Moderate, Bridge-building GZ Imam Not So Moderate: Nice Deb
Are They Lying To Us?: GoV
Burqa Banned at Trial: Jawa

Wikileaks Founder Charged With Rape, Molestation in Sweden: TAB
Why Is Accounting Firm KPMG Funding Putin’s Version of Hitler Youth?: PJM
Direct Talk About Direct (Israel-Palestinian) Talks: BRubin

Will Captured Illegal Arms Dealer Link Democrats to the FARC Terror Group?: GWP
The American media's taboo regarding the ineffectiveness of MAD with Iran: AT
U.S. Assures Israel That Iran Threat Is Not Imminent: C&S


Study: Astronauts as weak as 80-year-olds in space: Breitbart
Facebook Movie: 'The Social Network' Trailer: YouTube
100 tips essential to being a smarter better twitterer: Jim Grygar


He's No Joe Namath: iOTW
Gold bullion stolen from Florida treasure museum: Reuters
School for Radical Play Babies: C&S

Obama Doctrine Rollover Fun: C&S
Six Common Baby Names That Might Hurt You: Neatorama
Police bust Paris "booby" trap gang: Reuters

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1 comment:

Bones said...

The latest attempt by the politburo.
They know they have ruined the economy so now they are sending out their operatives with another "change" message. This time its "maybe owning a home is not all that great, renting may be a better deal for most of us" Next it will be "you ate yesterday and your hungry again!"