Monday, August 16, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: America's Democrat-Socialist Party

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America's Democrat-Socialist Party: RWN
Congressional Report Blasts 'Propaganda Presidency': PJM
Harry Reid can’t believe I’m a Hispanic Republican: Cubachi

Palin on WTC Mosque: Not Above Your Pay Grade, Barack: NiceDeb
Good News: Border Patrol Forced to Retreat From Border: WZ
Obama vs. the Survivors of 9/11: GoV


The New Abnormal: Doc Zero
The Free-Marketeers Strike Back: City Journal
Feds to Guarantee Million Dollar Condos in NYC: BigGovt

The Journolist Issue No One Is Bringing Up: No Pasaran
Surprise! Economic Numbers Are 'Worse Than Expected': AT
Do We Really Need a New Tax?: AT


Green Light People: RWN
That "20 Worst Americans of all time" list compiled: Althouse
Charlie Crist Hearts the Ground Zero Mosque: RWN

Actually, Mr. President, that’s not what the Constitution says about the Ground Zero mosque: Surber
Talking Down to a Bigoted Nation: Belmont Club
That New Yorker Cover: Not So Funny Now: Grand Old Partisan

The Enigma of Our Age: Hanson
Post About Coffee Party Decline Removed From Its Website: LegalIns
If Timothy McVeigh had been a Christian: AT


The Koran and the Psychopathology of the Prophet (Part II): GoV
Remembering FDR's Historic Shinto Shrine Speech: Hindenblog
Here's Why It's Called the 'Ground Zero Mosque': Malkin

General Petraeus: Not so Fast on That 2011 Troop Withdrawal, President Obama.: WZ
Why Are the Intolerant Preaching Tolerance?: Gutfeld
N.J. rabbi leads Jews, Muslims on interfaith trip to Nazi concentration camps: NJ

Why is the Ground Zero mosque removing web pages, and changing its name?: Creeping


Defeating Rogue Ads: Network World
Chrysler's Gun-Toting Pickup Truck: Fox News
Report: Hurd short-circuited HP board's probe: CNet


The Not-So-Great Generation and the Vision That Dare Not Speak Its Name: AmDigest
Mystery Solved!: C&S
Spider-Man’s Got Nuttin’ on These Guys: Parkway Rest Stop

Miniature Golf for a Miniature Vacay: MOTUS
Your Ad Here!: MOTUS
Pirate Latitudes: Parkway Rest Stop

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Bones said...

What a real President would do:
Listen, you people have a hundred mosques in NY City already.
Putting one at ground zero is not going to happen. If you try it,
I will put every one of your mosques under 24/7 surveillance. The IRS will audit your books and any contractor or business that you deal with. Every one of you will be on the “no fly” list and you cars will be impounded. Plus a bunch of other stuff I haven’t thought of yet. As a matter of fact you have too many mosques already; start shutting then down, I’ll tell you it’s enough.
If we had real President

umuts said...

thank you for sharing