Monday, August 30, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: A History Lesson on America's Spiritual Yearnings

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A History Lesson on America's Spiritual Yearnings : GoV
Oikophobia: Why the liberal elite finds Americans revolting: Taranto
You can see November from the Washington Monument: PJM

'Islamophobia'--the latest charge to try to stifle debate: City Journal
Obama Administration Plays Us All for Fools: Sowell
Forty-Seven: Mullings

Joe Miller: poster boy for the anti-establishment GOP?: sisu
Lessons from Katrina: Instapundit (2005)
MI GOP Convention in Two Words: Charlie Foxtrot: BlogProf


Watch This Drive!: Cold Fury
SEC: unions to have more power than average investors: BigGovt
Uncle Scam: ZH

$400K for state worker that never showed up: RWN
The Recession and ‘Regime Uncertainty’: BigGovt
Five IL pensions may sell assets to cover expenses: Sun-Times

Climate & Energy

Remembering Hurricane Katrina: A First Responder’s View: IBCR
A Tale of Two Rallies on the Mall: GWP
Clean Development: 'The biggest environmental scandal in history': Telegraph


What Liberal Media?: Powers
The Emotionally And Politically Bankrupt Left Was Not Happy Today: Riehl
Leftists Search Desperately for 'Racists' at Restoring Honor Rally: AmPower

Politico has a nose for real news: iOTW
Press' Predominating Storyline About Beck Rally: CFB
2 presidents, 2 gulf reactions: Surber

New York Times Trots Out Hamas Apologist to Write About the Peace Process: Solomonia
"The Next Timothy McVeigh" Was At Restoring Honor Rally: LegalIns
Save Us From Rand Paul!: Wall Street Pit


Terrorist or Not?: Cold Fury
Wow. Obama Claims Credit for Iraq: RWN
America to Be Reviewed by Thugs of U.N. Human Rights Council: AT

Coming August 31: ‘Direct Access’ Stimulus Grants for the Muslim Brotherhood: BigPeace
'Islamophobia' and Islamo-reality: AT
Ground Zero Mosque Tax Exempt Public Funding Avoids Usury? Shariah Law Comes to NYC: MagNote

SPLC Redefines "Hate": Islamic Jihadists Good, Pammiecakes Bad: Atlas
He Really Doesn’t Want to Be Commander In Chief: JRubin
British ObamaCare update: Elderly left to starve in hospitals: Marathon


Check Out The Amazing Place In China That Inspired The "Floating Mountains" In Avatar: Wire
The Most Awesome Petrolhead Birthday Gift Ever: Jalopnik
Andrew Wiles and Fermat's Last Theorem: Marginal Revolution


Four Minutes with My Father: A Near-Death Experience: MORE
Don Rickles Roasts Congress: Snopes
Defending The American Dream 2010 Picture Dump: RWN

Barry and Michelle Come a Visitin': Diogenes
Space Shuttle From Hangar to Liftoff: Ace
Move Over J.J., Last Exorcism Viral Campaign is Genius: CBullitt (NSFW)

Image: iOwnTheWorld
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QOTD: "While no one can say when the big spike in gold will occur, one can say accurately that, given the systematic frailty, it could literally happen on any given day. That’s what happens when scams are unveiled. Remember Bernie Madoff? How many people do you think tried to give him money the day after he was arrested, versus desperately scrambled to get their money out of his sticky web? The answers are “No one” and “Everyone” – that’s what happens when people lose faith in a currency." -- David Galland of Casey Research

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