Monday, August 23, 2010

Nation of Cowards: Eric Holder Hiring Linguists Who Can Understand African-American Dialects. Seriously.

Remember: they're uniters, not dividers.

This is non-fiction: an RFP from Eric Holder's Department of Justice, as publicized by The Smoking Gun, is fairly outrageous. In short, the DEA wants "Black English" linguistic experts to decipher the audio recordings of bugged calls.

Thought experiment: I wonder what legacy media would say if the Bush administration had tried something like this?


l said...

Do these people know that there are computer programs that do translations? Just because you can spend taxpayer money doesn't mean you have to provide a government job for every leftist in America.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they just hire some inner-city union-backed school teachers. They've been teaching ebonics for years.

Bones said...

I remember when Dilbert had to go travel to Ebonia