Monday, August 30, 2010

A Tidal Wave of Values, by Victor the Contractor

By Victor the Contractor

Lately I've been hearing reading and listening to media of all kinds belittle, bemoan and minimize the role of values and faith in our society. That a culture based on hard work and 'elbow grease', if you will, can sustain its historic place in the world without the very ingenuity, drive and vigor that established it as the preeminent paradigm of Freedom and productivity is on its face nonsensical and childish in its logic. But the major media continue to drone on and on about the non-extant recovery and the obsolescence of drive as our great country staggers toward a double dip in the Great Recession or worse, a lost decade of stagflation and negative GDP growth. What we need is a return to core values! Take the economy, for instance.

That we can print money to solve our economy's problems is a very short term solution to an ingrained problem which requires a back-to-basics solution. Expanding the M1 money supply when there is a credit crunch is akin to inhaling a candy bar when you are famished. In a short time you will be worse off for it, and hungrier to boot. That's why short term stimulus never works in the long term. Once the sugar high is gone, the industry has to rely on 'organic' demand, which now has been front loaded by the financial jiggering. Then even more time is needed for the industry to return to equilibrium. So saving GM and Chrysler have forestalled their collapse for a short time but the inevitable bankruptcy of both companies is now guaranteed; if the unerring laws of economics prevail over the current artifice of bailout and stimulus sophistry. Like it or not, all those retired union guys will someday lose their free Viagra on our dime!

Moral crusaders like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity really do have their collective hands on the pulse of the nation and their ears to the ground; listening and alerting us to the coming revolution. This time, however, the tide will shift back to the fundamentals that made this country great and which ensured prosperity for generations. That the major media like CBS reported a paltry 68,000 participants at the 8/28 Re-dedication to 'God and Country' meeting at the Lincoln Memorial speaks volumes. It speaks to their collusion with the political elite to suppress a growing tide of discontent across this country that will facilitate a change in leadership on both Houses of Congress in November. Yes, I said both Houses of Congress. The famed independents who went for Obama two years ago are both ashamed and embarrassed by his lies and Congress' Communist and anti-business tendencies. They wish to punish what they see as a mixture of arrogance and incompetence on display in Washington. And it's got to stop!

We've got to stop making excuses for most of our elected representatives! They are part of the problem. Where Democrats are openly Communistic and amoral, the decision is easy: vote them out come November. Where a Republican has become a 'Democrat Lite,' a consideration of the Tea Party candidate is warranted. Our Democracy requires us to clean house in Washington from time to time, and that time is now!

Our Country needs a return to values, faith and -- dare I say -- God in these times of tribulation. We brought this on ourselves, people. Men and women of good character stood by as humanists who deny God and apologists who deny societal values (based on longstanding biblical tenets) were allowed to ruin our country, subvert our laws and poison our children's minds. Men and women of bad character are in the halls of power. Men like Harry Reid, who openly scoff at our morals and belittle our values. Women like Nancy Pelosi, who laugh at the thought of actually being held to campaign promises and speak of an urgent need to pass a bill so that the American people can find out what it contains. These haughty and arrogant legislators have a big surprise coming in November. Lets not forget Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd, who really should be in prison for pressuring banks to issue mortgages to poor families, who wound up losing their homes and causing world markets to founder. We will pay for this pair's arrogance for generations to come if we stay on this heading.

The road will be difficult, as liberals and humanists, bent on a mild form of Communism, continue to sway the lazy and weak-minded of us. Can anyone blame an illegal alien for taking a job we are too cheap to pay an American to do or for an unskilled laborer to collect 99 weeks of unemployment after working for 26? In a country without a moral compass all things are forgivable. Well, I can blame them, but I am old school. Consider that one lazy man may not destroy an economy; but millions of slothful men can. A nation pays for its poverty of ambition: just research the other nine historical empires that no longer exist!

There is a way back from the abyss: a way of faith and action. Faith to believe that one's actions can sway Divine Providence. Action makes that faith real. Think of it this way, a driver may operate an automobile, but it is the engine that creates the movement that is a demonstration of action. The old 'Faith without Works is dead' (James 2:20) lesson. For who would light a candle and put it under a bushel? (Matt. 5:15 paraphrased). You get the point.

Though these excerpts are really about living according to belief they are applicable wisdom for the working world. A country that has unlimited potential accomplishes little unless activity is undertaken. A person who is gifted but lazy wastes precious ability. Not everybody is equally able, but nearly everybody can labor productively. That is our charge: To labor to correct a generation of sloth and rebellion against reason, against responsibility and even against God. I know this will grate on our humanist bretheren, but there are no successful historic empires based upon Satanism or Agnosticism. Even Nihilism and Communism result in eventual economic collapse and mass starvation, at least if capitalism doesn't swoop in and save the day -- much to the chagrin of the anarchists. Order springs from chaos: That's just how (successful) people are wired. But I digress.

Our country has awakened. Insults to our beliefs and injuries to our way of life have galvanized a nation of believers to re-commit to God, Family and Country. In 60 odd days we will send a message about what most of us hold true: the America that works hard and prays harder requires no less from its leaders. All others will be forced back into their 'pockets of liberalism' in failing cities where they can only whine about how unfair life is to those who don't work. Wasn't that the 1980's? And who was President then? That's right, Ronald Reagan!

This is my country! The country that saved the entire World from Hitler and triumphed over Communism! The land that once sent men to the Moon and, every day, feeds an entire globe of hungry mouths! We can do better! We do have values! We will re-direct our government to serve us and not the other way around! And we will shrink the federal government from its status as unelected overlords of every facet of our lives down to humble servants of we, the people! Those who work every day and pray every night will have their due! A country united under God, with the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! God Bless America!

Victor The Contractor

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