Saturday, August 28, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Gov. Daniels Describes Devastating Effects of ObamaCare

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Gov. Daniels Describes Devastating Effects of ObamaCare: Foundry
Obama Memo to Pentagon: Of Course Troops Don't Need to Vote: Ace
It Worked: NRA Not Endorsing Harry Reid: RedState

Palin's Alaska: Pay Attention, Grassroots!: RWN
Stunning Revelations from Obama, the Lightworker: PJM
A Clarion Call to Ordinary Barbarians: It's Time to Fight: Con4Palin


Great News: ACORN Has Competition for 'Voter' Registration: GWP
'The Most Fiscally Irresponsible Government in U.S. History': USN&WR
Christie Fires Education Commission for Lying: LibertyPundits

Various and Sundry, Starting With Education: Pundette
The Ugliness of Government Dependence: PJM
Debt, Depression, Default. America is in Deep Trouble: AT

Climate & Energy

Obama's Brain Trust at the EPA: Hey, Let's Ban Lead Bullets!: Ace
Obama’s Green Agenda: Smoke and Lies: RWN
EPA says no to lead ammo ban, but...: WUWT


Hurricane Katrina and the race card: 5 years later: Malkin
Racist Arm of Cranks Up the Cranks: SondraK
More Proof: ObamaCare Leads to Rationing: Malkin

CNN Paints Hezbollah as More ‘Tolerant’ Than GZM Protesters: Driscoll
Brave, Brave Sir Carnahan... Boldly Ran Away: Nice Deb
The Last Refuge of a Liberal: Hammer


'A Call to Islam From the WTC Rubble': Winter Soldier
The Left's Unlikely Alliance with Islam: AT
One Muslim Nation’s Brave Support of Israel: PJM

Decades of poverty might not have spurred Cubans to revolution, but this might: RWN
Engagement with Castro Has Clearly Failed -- Time to Try an Embargo: AT
The Fatwa That Governs Muslim Soldiers Fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan: Winter Soldier

The Pentagon's Budget Is Not Bloated: AT
US Muslim soldier Zachari Klawonn appears in uniform on Al-Jazeera complaining of Islamophobia in US military: Jawa
Ladies Night With Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: GWP


Heirloom Diseases: Grand Rants
How to Handle a Threatening Email: GoV
This Week in Search: Google


The Minute Men Are Turning In Their Graves: Sad Hilll News
Screw Burning Man: This year's greatest desert festival is a three-day Mad Max reenactment!: Jalopnik
Prez Rides a Girl's Bike: Surber

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