Sunday, August 15, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Awesome--Illegals getting driver's licenses in 3 states

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Awesome: Illegals getting driver's licenses in WA, NM and UT: WZ
Clarice's Pieces: Requiem for a Heavyweight: AT
A Little Shuteye for Sheila Jackson Lee: Moonbattery

Dems P.O.ed Over Obama’s Ground Zero Comments: GWP
Leftists Exposing More Secrets: RWN
Walking my way back on mosque, babe: Surber


How Obama is Locking Up Our Land: Malkin
The Tax Left-Wing Professors Act: GWP
The Not-so-Hidden Dangers of Federal Direct Student Lending: NAS

CA Teachers' Unions Endangering Kids' Lives?: RWN
Barney Frank and the Code of Ethics for Government Service: Riehl
Race Card Payment Coming Due: Goldberg

American Taxpayer, Financial Jihadist: NRO
Obama restores funding for zero-down home loans: BlogProf
Ruh roh: Agencies look to revamp CRA: Hill

Climate & Energy

U.S. Chamber lawsuit attacks EPA's emissions limits: Hill
NOAA: Warmest June Ever! Caveat: We Made It Up: PJM
Socialist Energy Czar Browner: Screw America, We'll Use Lame Duck Session to Pass Energy Taxes: Hill


Obama keeps everyone on message: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!: LegalIns
Senate Passes "The ______Act of____" (Not a Joke): Berman Post
Eliminating 25 million Americans: Lifson (10/23/2008)

'The Left Has Collapsed': Driscoll
Journalism Warning Labels: Tom Scott
Long Tubular Heads Leave Little Room For Brain Capacity: iOTW

California Reporter Nick Green Says He Is ‘Victim of an Andrew Breitbart Wannabe’: RSM


Obama Is Colluding with a New Fascist Imperialism: AT (Lewis)
Islamic Supremacist Mosques: A Primer for Protest: Atlas
61 MP-bound explosives-laden trucks found missing: Times of India

9/11 Families Stunned by President’s Support of Mosque at Ground Zero: McCarthy
Islamists "Stealing" Ground Zero Are Following Muslim Tradition: YWL


Stuxnet could hijack power plants, refineries: CNet
Attack of the 'iPad Killers': PC World
Climate change alarmists ignore scientific methods: Chron


Top 5 Exotic Supercars for 2010: Sub5Zero
Time-Lapse London: Sullivan
Creepy Uncle Sings Hilarious Song About Ages of Consent: HuffPo

Obamas Go On Vacation Again--Wait, I Mean, Show 'Solidarity With A Region Struggling In Wake Of Massive Oil Spill': WZ
Obama Will Be There At the Ribbon-Cutting: iOTW
Jackie O'Not: “for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really not proud of my first lady.“: AmDigest

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