Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun with Google Auto-Complete

Inspired by Moonbattery and the formidable Malkin-Powers duo.

Find any good ones? Email me your findings and if I like 'em, I'll publish 'em complete with what ever name you want to use. Like your wrestling name, or Buck Nekkid, or whatever.

Update: Reliapundit:

Update II: W:

Update III: CBullitt:


Reliapundit said...


look at the first thing that come sup on these:

tea [space]

palin [space]

frank marshall davis [space]

cbullitt said...

Nicely done.

Try Global Warming is [space]

and for more fun...

Al Gore is [space]

Reliapundit said...

The_Bad said...
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The_Bad said...

Perhaps you recall this from a while back?