Sunday, August 22, 2010

Control Freaks, Chapter Eleventy Billion: San Fran Ban of Happy Meals Imminent

In the future when I post an article on the constant encroachment by Democrats on our individual liberties, I intend to use the prefix Control Freaks. Because that's the best two-word summary I can come up with for the inane, arbitrary dictates dreamed up by the likes of Bloomberg (not the news service, the idiot mayor), who wants to ban salt in Manhattan restaurants.

San Francisco -- or, as I like to call it, Moonbase Pelosi -- is the latest local government to demonstrate a complete lack of restraint when it comes to regulating the citizenry. In this case, it appears a lunatic somehow broke into a meeting of the city's board of supervisors and introduced legislation to ban Happy Meals.

Supervisor Mar introduces Healthy Meal Incentive legislation, which sets nutritional standards for restaurant food that is accompanied by toys or other youth focused incentive items. This legislation is aimed at promoting healthy eating habits and to address issues related to childhood obesity...

...Fast food restaurants target children and youth by offering toys and other incentive items. The Healthy Meal Incentive legislation would encourage restaurants to provide healthier meal options. To provide an incentive item, meals must contain fruits and vegetables, not exceed 600 calories or 200 calories for a single food item and must not have beverages that have excessive fat or sugar.”

These leftist nutbags want to control your meals, your health care, your light bulbs, the size of your toilet tanks, what kind of cars you drive, how much water flows through your shower head, and every other aspect of your lives.

And, trivial though the Happy Meal example may sound, it is yet another reminder that these Democrat control freaks are bent on nothing less than tyranny. In fact, someday, they must hope to achieve a totalitarian form of government. Because they don't trust the individual. They don't believe in personal responsibility. And -- because they willfully defy their own oaths of office -- they are rapidly destroying the fabric of our society.

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