Sunday, August 22, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: In Indiana, Dems Distance Themselves From Their Party

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In Indiana, Dems Distance Themselves From Their Party: Malkin
Oath of Office Be Damned!: SondraK
A President Who Wants To Be Anywhere But Here: AT

Don't Get Cocky: Ace
Obama confident U.S. 'headed in right direction': RWN
Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: AT


Obama's union bailout: a good crisis going to waste: GWP
Obama: we must stop corporate takeover of democracy: Malkin
Perfect: Union worker gets fired for trying to unionize union workers: BlogProf

Dems Want Another $34 Billion to Bailout Teamsters Pension: RWN
Unions Destroy Calif. Pension Reform Bill: RWN
Stimulus Campaign Signs Invade Reagan's Hometown: Marathon


Memo to Ruling Class Media: We Don't Believe Him--Or You: AT
Lincoln Reloaded: American Digest
Diversophiles Run Wild: BlogProf

Today’s “WTF?” moment belongs to Russell Simmons: Fausta
Chicago Tribune: Making the Case for Honor Killings?: Atlas
'Queen Of Muslim Bashers' at the Puff Ho: Atlas

I Don’t Think the President Has Room in His Life for Another God: Sundries Shack
NYT's Charles Blow: Obama Is Not Good For Jews: NewsBusters
The Depredations of Roger Ebert: PJM


MMmmm… Irony, it’s what’s for iftar: Protein Wisdom
It's Final in Final Report: No Jihad in Jihad Attack: Atlas
Imam Feisal’s Trip of ‘Great Importance’: We Have a Sighting in Bahrain: Rosett

What did the Iraq War cost?: AT
Ahmadinejad Declares New Bomber Drone the “Messenger of Salvation & Dignity for Humanity”: GWP
The Spirit of Israel Lives On: Amil Imani


HTML 5 Raises New Security Issues: NetworkWorld
Google Buys Visual Shopping Engine PC World
Google's Nexus One: The most popular unpopular phone: NetworkWorld


Redeemable Coupon Courtesy Michele Bachmann: MagNote
All Books, No Grapes: MOTUS
Italian Spiderman: Ace

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