Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Candid photo captures the haunting beauty of the federal postal service, which is only losing $1 billion a month

The United States Postal Service recently announced that it lost more than $3.5 billion in one quarter. Competition from email, UPS and FedEx -- along with outrageous costs associated with union benefits -- were the major culprits.

A recent photo captured the efficiency of the federal bureaucracy as it relates to its "management" of the postal service:

Is that a Corona someone squirreled away in the mailbox?

But don't worry, rubes: even though the feds can't seem to manage mail delivery, rest assured they can orchestrate the entire health care system. After all, it's only one-sixth of the whole frickin' economy.

True, Democrats may be incompetent... but you've got to give them this: they're exciting!

Via: FailBlog and Instapundit.


Bob Qat said...

I don't know... the bottle looks more like a fifth of Monarch to me. That would be a sign of a serious drinking problem on civil servant pay. That would also explain the recreational attitude some Post employees have about delivering the mail.

Anonymous said...

Could be worse - there could have been a sleeping postman in there (damn...I'm giving them ideas..._

Anonymous said...

That's not a 'mailbox' in the sense of being a 'collection box' for the public to drop their letters into for pickup.

We (I'm a retired mailman) called this thing a 'relay box' and is used by the letter carrier for storage of mail bags (empty and full), rain gear and other stuff.

I never used one for a wet bar but I remember that a fellow carrier (who didn't have a jeep) would sometimes sit in there and eat his lunch.

FYI :)

Anonymous said...

600k employees, what's a billion a month,


787 billion dollar stimulus, for 3 million saved or created?

or 44 billion for 250k union employees?

(I'm biased...we have the hottest postal chicks in the country, in my town.)