Sunday, August 15, 2010

Democrats Gone Wild: California So Broke It's Assessing Payroll Taxes and Fines on Down's Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy Caretakers It Hasn't Paid

A KPBS interview with California State Assemblyman Joel Anderson (R) describes the tragic failure of the Democrat Party's brand of socialism.

Q: Tell me where we are with the vote on the budget.

A: We haven't had a vote yet. I'm in the minority party. We don't dictate when the votes come. The majority party does. Last year, we issued over 450,000 IOUs, totaling more than $3 billion. And many of these IOUs went to individuals and also to companies.

Q: Who gets the IOUs?

A: Vendors. Primarily vendors of the state of California.

Q: People who sell to the state?

A: Or people who have services. For example, we have Novis Homes in... in San Diego County. This is a 70-bed facility for Down's Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy clients. Many are orphans, their parents have long since passed away. And they're looking at a $270,000 fine.

Q: Can they say open under these circumstances.

A: I don't see how they can. Because they're having a tough time meeting payroll. And at the same time, we're asking them to pay payroll taxes.

I wonder whether the taxpaying residents of California's sanctuary cities appreciate the genius of the Democrat Party's brand of economic leadership.

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FeFe said...

Don't rely on MSM proofreaders,

Regarding the spelling of Trig Palin's disability or any other, please observe: Use the apostrophe-S if the affliction is named after someone who had it. Leave off the apostrophe-S if it is named after who discovered it. For example:

* Lou Gehrig's disease named after the patient it was diagnosed in.
* Down Syndrome named after the English physician John Langdon Down who characterized the condition, but did not have it.

o Let's use it in a sentence, shall we. -- "From the VA, 1200 US veterans recently found out they were mistakenly told they had life threatening Lou Gehrig's Disease. ...But, Obamacare will be different. Really."