Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Grassroots Organization... For Morons

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Grassroots Organization... For Morons: Ace
Delaware, GOP need fresh blood: Christine O’Donnell: Malkin
'The most divisive president since Nixon': Driscoll

It's (Joe) Miller Time!: RWN
How to Boot Barney Frank: Malkin
Possible vote tampering by Murkoswki observer?: Riehl


DOE head urged employees to attend Sharpton rally: WashExam
Culture of dependency: Record number on government dole: Malkin
SEIU Stands Up for “Amercan” Dream: GWP

Ideological War Spells Doom for America’s Schoolkids: Zombie
Covering up for George Soros: AT
He Needs to Check His Economic Garmin: Geraghty

Like a bad recording, Obama blames Bush: GWP
All This and Weimar, Too: The Million Reichsmark March: Driscoll
Obama's Xavier Speech, Deconstructed: Hayride

Climate & Energy

What If They Held A Climate Creationist Event, And No One Came?: RWN
Obama Climate Czar Carol Browner Is Causing The Bedbug Epidemic: BlogProf
EPA backs off on Second Amendment, but will be back: RWN


Interview: Ladd Ehlinger, Jr.: Ace
Muslim Brotherhood Applauds Newsweek for Attacking “Stealth Jihad and Creeping Sharia” as Racist Terms…: WZ
A Disservice To 9/11 Victims And Andrew Roman: RSM

Journolister Creates Unintentionally Ironic Newsweek Cover: iOTW
The Huffington Post has editorial standards, apparently: Treacher
Obama's "Spiritual Advisers": Hindenblog

The Secret Behind Those Big Conspiracy Poll Numbers: RWN
Smells Like Teen Spirit: Driscoll
Decrying Witch Hunts By … Hunting Witches!: GM's Place


Pair on Chicago-Amsterdam Flight Arrested for Terrorism: Driscoll
Death Threats and Security: Atlas (Language)
Predictable: Canadian Jihadi Tied to Mastercard Islamic Charity: Jawa

Likely Terror Attack ‘Dry Run’ Exposes Dangerous TSA Missteps: PJM
Total Costs of Iraq War Less Than Obama-Democrats' Economic Porkulus Package: AmPower
Enforced Misery: The PA and the Balata ‘Refugee’ Camp: PJM


World's most amazing subwoofer has no woofer: CNet
BlackBerry Yields in India Squeeze: Maktoob
Microsoft hungry to eat VMWare's lunch: CNet


Once In a Life Time: With God’s Will and Your Votes: MOTUS
Lawsuit of the Day: No Oil for Pacifiists
Report: Scout clocks Reds' pitching prospect Chapman at 105 mph: Yahoo!

Images: Maktoob
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