Sunday, April 01, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Who dies next because of Al Sharpton?

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Who dies next because of Al Sharpton?: Flopping Aces
Nikki Haley Cleared By IRS, No Longer Under Investigation: OTB
Not-So-Smooth Operator: Noonan

Have you done your part to fight the Left’s war on Wisconsin?: Malkin
Elizabeth Warren 'linked' to death of low cost health insurance: LI
Justice Sonia Sotomayor's Shocking Ignorance: AT

Guess Barack Obama missed the Reagan Recovery: GayPatriot
New Hi-Def Video of Zimmerman Crushes ABC's 'Reporting': Breitbart
Slow Night in Chicago: Only Three Shot in Obamaville: JWF


How Bush/GOP policies got us into "the ditch": PracticalMan
Massachusetts: No Deadbeat Left Behind: Ace
Obama Recovery: Earning Less, Spending More, $6.7T Poorer: Reason

Important Report On The Sinkhole That Is Higher Education: Kesler
Dems Against the Machine: Mead
Dept. of Ed. Removes Debt Collection Manual from Website: ConCom

California: Where You Need A Lobbyist To Build A House: Mead
Observations on ObamaCare: Taxation, Regulation, Krugman, and Fried: Ricochet
Obamaconomy: Households Earning Less Than $13K Spend 9% Of Income On Lottery Tickets: Insider

2012 Elections

Barack Obama to supporters: Give me the money, dammit!: Bookworm
Romney Predicts Win in Wisconsin: Fox
IMAO Endorsement: Mitt Romney: IMAO

Scandal Central

Issa: ‘We want to play fair'…but: Workman
Obama energy officials funded solar firms despite ‘junk bond’ ratings from S&P, Fitch: DC
House Oversight Committee Reports $14.5B DOE Green Loan Program Train Wreck: Forbes

Climate & Energy

Screw Earth Hour: 'Why are we celebrating the Dark Ages and what N. Korea has already achieved?!' : Morano
Without electricity André Kuipers couldn't sit up in space chastising us during Earth Hour: WyBlog
We need a president focused on energy: Larry Shull


The difference between Left-Twitter and Right-Twitter.: Moe Lane
ABC Not Sure Whether Death Threats In Trayvon Martin Aftermath 'Going Too Far': NB
Olbermann’s Career: The First Time as Tragedy, the Second Time as Farce: RSM

Adam Carolla on The Biased Media & The Death of Tyler Clementi: Ace
Olbermann Mockery Reaches New Heights On Twitter: Greenroom
Keith Olbermann Complained To Current That Car Service Drivers ‘Smelled, Talked To Him’: Mediaite

Exclusive - Palin to Couric: 'Game On': Breitbart
The problem with your (conservative) daughter is not her bed. It’s her brain.: ProWis
Sharpton Explains How He Manipulates Media On Race Cases: Breitbart


Spanish Unions Revolt Against Labor and Fiscal Reform: LATL
82nd Airborne soldiers killed in Afghanistan: ArmyTimes
Full text: Israel's deputy ambassador scolds J Street to stunned silence: Matzav


Google's hilarious April Fools' Maps launch: CNet
15 Gorgeous Trick Photos That Make The World Look Like A Kid's Toy: Insider
Foxconn fiasco not Apple's finest hour: CNet


Please Support Conservative Blogger Moms – Don’t Let the Commie Mommies Win!: Zilla
“Unfortunately these values are no longer reflected in our relationship…”: MOTUS
Ultra-marathon runner Micah True found dead in New Mexico: Reuters

Image: Analysis: Thomas Robinson, defense lead Kansas to title game
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: " sure would be intellectually honest if more people started framing their arguments in the terms, “I don’t like freedom on this issue and here is why…” You pretty much never see that. I mean, gun control is an anti-freedom stance, but they never argue it that way. I think maybe that’s why they don’t understand how unpopular their stance is.

The same thing with the health care debate. The mandate is an anti-freedom stance, but they try to say they’re for more freedom by ending worries about health care, which is BS. One thing is freedom and one thing isn’t; it’s not debatable. Putting a gun to someone’s head and saying, “You must buy health insurance!” isn’t freedom and no one should pretend it is. It’s okay to take an anti-freedom stance, you just should frame it terms of why you think your ideas are better than liberty. And that will probably also help you understand why so many people don’t like your views, as the left always seems to get caught off guard by that." --Frank J.

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