Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Messengers of Dem Doom

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Messengers of Dem Doom: LI
Campaign Like Your Kids’ Lives Depend On It – Because They Do: CHQ
Cruz: SCOTUS Decision On Same-Sex Marriage Is "Tragic, Indefensible": Ace

Midnight in Obama’s Garden of Good and Evil: Roger L. Simon
You Will Be Made to Care: The Semblance of Normalcy: Erick Erickson
ISIS, Ebola — Americans can handle the truth: Cal Thomas

A Terrorist’s Best Friend: Political Correctness: William Pollack
Nine Apologies Biden Owes Americans: Keith Koffler
Democrats Are Getting Ready For The Blame Game: Ace

The Alison Grimes campaign may now start imploding.: RS
Democrats start to point fingers: FreeRep
2014 Dem Meltdown: Even Axelrod is Now Admitting Obama's "Mistakes": Surge


Teacher indoctrination: Walter Williams
Illegal aliens bring 21 dialects that teachers don’t understand: EAG
The state of boys: In crisis: Rob Nikolewski

Scandal Central

Ron Fournier: Obama Used ‘Incompetence As A Defense’ For His Scandals: WFB
O’Keefe: Senate Campaign For Dem Alison Grimes Admits She’s Lying To Get Elected!: ProgsToday
Swastikas Painted On Jewish Fraternity House At Emory University: CI

“Judicial Tyranny” — Mark Levin on the Supreme Court’s “sleazy as it gets” non-ruling: Scoop
Surprise! Sandy Hook Commission Targets Homeschoolers Despite Lack Of Evidence: Ace
Lois Lerner Tries Barging Into Neighbor’s Home To Evade Questions: Surge

Climate & Energy

Zero Percent Water: Alan Heathcock
Grimes Staff Caught on Hidden Camera: She’s Lying About Support for Coal Industry: WFB
DODGE: Hillary Clinton refuses to comment on Keystone: Scoop


Daily Forward: We are all #PamelaGeller: JihadWatch
Send Me Money Or Else!: Kurt Schlichter
Weiner can’t even talk sports with naked models without getting grief: Twitchy

Michelle Obama Won’t Campaign For Democrats Because She’s Mad Over Letter About Potatoes: DC
Obama Booed During PSA at Michigan State Football Game: Paula Bolyard
CBS Defends Ben Affleck Following Battle With Maher Over Radical Islam: CNS

America’s “Elites” Are No Longer Elite And Our “Intellectuals” Aren’t Intellectual: John Hawkins
George Will Uninvited From Scripps College: Claremont Independent


What the Arab World Produces: Dennis Prager
Ralph Peters: People in Kobani will pay a tragic price for Obama’s out right cowardice: Scoop
Massive blast reported at suspected Iranian nuke facility: Times of Israel

Mexican President: Anti-Immigration Americans Are Racist: Breitbart
Why Won’t Obama Ban Air Travel From Countries Where Ebola Is Out Of Control?: Michael Snyder
Jihadi Chatter Online About Using Ebola, Poisons As Weapon Against The U.S.: MEMRI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

It's official: HP will break itself in two: James Niccolai, IDG
Facebook Messenger may soon let you pay your friends, code leaks reveal: 9to5Mac
Bad EHR Workflow Played Role in Ebola Patient's Release: CIO


The Ebola Farce: A Guest Post by Ol’ Remus of The Woodpile Report: Liberty's Torch
Go. Away. Jeb.: iOTW
Rightful Liberty and ‘Standing Up’: Max Velocity

Are Any of You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?: MOTUS
Obama's Failures Were All Predicted: TAB
Pic o' the Day = Passing the Torch: AWD

Image: @directorblue
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Stop the Obamacare Six!

QOTD: "A prominent conservative political pundit was uninvited from speaking at Scripps College, in a program designed to promote conservative views on campus, because of his conservative views." --Brad Richardson

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Rightful Liberty", thanks for the link, it was a good article.
It is remarkable that the system and it's ideas as generated by people like Jefferson and embraced by godly people acted as a genuine watershed for all Americans who followed. Such was the power and efficacy of original thought.
Today we suffer the likes of Obama and his Party - takers all, "Gimme People" extraordinaire, and destroyers of all that was good. It cost us 40 million to send him on vacations and all we got for it was ebola.