Thursday, June 04, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Immigration Advocates Frightened by 99-Pound Blonde

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Immigration Advocates Frightened by 99-Pound Blonde: Ann Coulter
How Islam in America Became a Privileged Religion: Daniel Greenfield
Republican Party’s History of Establishment Picks Could Be Over : Stuart Rothenberg

While no one's watching, Congress does its worst: CHQ
Paying the Price: Thomas Sowell
Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Train Crashes?: Spencer Davenport

How Islam in America Became a Privileged Religion: Daniel Greenfield
‘Hey, Imam: You Got Any Pics Of When Your Brother Was a Cute Kid?’: CotS
‘Ferguson Effect’ Crime Wave Hits 7 Democrat-Run Cities: S&L

Panicked NY Democrats Want Nanny Bloomberg to Run Against Granny Clinton: JWF
Right Wing News Interviews Ben Carson: John Hawkins
Rick Perry Enters the Arena: Erick Erickson


$15 Minimum Wage: Women, Blacks Hurt Most: Larry Elder
Get Ready For The Unaffordable Obamacare Premium Rate Hikes: John Binder
CA Senate Passes Free Health Coverage For Illegal Aliens: S&L

Scandal Central

Latest Clinton cash scandal carries national security implications: Paul Mirengoff
House Committee Knows Of Hillary Email Server Whistleblower: Chuck Ross
Whistleblower Tells Oversight Committee of Crimes Committed By Hillary and Huma Abedin: Steven Ahle

‘Final’ report to Congress on Lois Lerner could come by end of June: Ben Bullard
Why We Can't Trust the NSA (And Why That's a Crisis): Ron Fournier
House Republicans Just Unleashed the Big Guns on Hillary’s Benghazi Cover-Up: TPI

Climate & Energy

Electric Cars Aren’t Green; But Subsidies are Greening Someone’s Pocket: Jeff Carter
Good News: EPA Looks To Increase Cost Of Airplane Tickets To Save Us From Climate Change: Cove


State Dept. Spokeshole Marie Harf Blasts New York Times, Defends Iranian Nuke Buildup: Jim Hoft
Jon Stewart to De Blasio: Liberal Policies Have FAILED for 40 Years: Jerome Hudson
Idiot Weasel Lindsey Graham Blames Maddow, Hannity for Polarization: Ken Meyer

Bruce Jenner’s Transformation Is A Lose-Lose For Liberal Ideology: Daniel Davis
A Cat Lady Culture: Gregory Hood
We may have reached Peak Feminism: RS

Crowd Goes WILD as Ted Cruz Delivers Remarks on How he’d Defeat ISIS: YC
Scarborough: Hillary Clinton ‘Running Scared’ From the Press: WFB
Congressman on ‘Callous and Cruel’ Muhammad Contest: Bridget Johnson


Despite A Drop In Attacks Casualties Remain High In Iraq In 2015: Joel Wing
This Is How Little the US-Led Air War Against ISIS Has Achieved: Ben Watson, DefenseOne
British socialism is dying and recent events show it: Mo Metcalf-Fisher

Crossing the Global Border: Victor Davis Hanson
Turkey’s quiet Christian genocide: RS
Humiliation as a Tool of Blackmail: Lilia Shevtsova

Obama’s Israeli Legacy: John Velisek
Obama Gives Up on Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal; Blames Netanyahu: Keith Koffler
Louis Farrakhan Slams Obama, Calls For Blacks To Join Islamic Jihad: DownTrend

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Wright Stuff: Cal Thomas
Facebook’s deal with publishers a stark reminder of digital ad gulf: Pew
US Air Force Targets and Destroys ISIS HQ Building Using Social Media: DefTech


Strange Like Me: Frida Kahlo, Zen Pencils
It was 48 years ago today...: American Digest
Where the Blues Was Born: Jim Morrison, Smithsonian

Image: Where the Blues Was Born
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QOTD: "-- If an illegal alien drops a baby on American soil, the entire family can access welfare programs that were supposed to be for U.S. citizens -- in addition to the government assistance illegal aliens can collect right away, such as food stamps and housing subsidies, free medical care and free schooling.

-- The Constitution did not make U.S. citizenship a game of "Red Rover" with the Border Patrol. Haha! Too late -- I had the baby! The 14th Amendment confirmed the citizenship rights of former American slaves -- not 21st-century freeloaders from China.

-- Our ludicrous "anchor baby" policy was invented out of whole cloth by Justice William Brennan and slipped into a footnote in a Supreme Court opinion in 1982.

-- On average, college graduates in the United States pay about $30,000 more in taxes each year than they get back in government services, while those without a high school degree get back about $35,000 more in government services than they pay in taxes.

-- Only about 7 percent of Americans do not have a high school diploma, but more than a third of legal immigrants under the post-Kennedy immigration act and about 75 percent of illegal aliens do not have a high school diploma. " --Ann Coulter


Barry Popik said...

Rush Limbaugh spent the day talking once again about the distractions, such as Caitlyn Jenner. Matt Drudge ran a headline about the TPP, but Limbaugh talks about deflated footballs and sex changes. Why doesn't Rush Limbaugh retire already? The country is burning, and he doesn't care?

Mark Levin opened his show today saying that he WOULD NOT talk about Caitlyn Jenner. Levin said that there was a data breach in Washington. Chinese hackers got access to the personal information of four million government workers. This is an act of war, Levin said.

President Obama has said nothing!


Bob Belvedere said...

A belated 'Thank You', Doug.