Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Tyranny Is Here, This Is the Revolution, It’s Happening Now

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Tyranny Is Here, This Is the Revolution, It’s Happening Now: Sara Noble
The World Smells Weakness: Instapundit
Is it Time for Civil Disobedience of Kludgeocratic Bureaucracy?: Michael Barone

Baltimore records deadliest month in more than 40 years: Personal Liberty
Relationship Expert: The GOP Is Doomed As a Party, Should Seek Divorce: Ace
3 Alleged Armed Robbers Pick Wrong Victim: 1 Dead, 1 Critical, 1 Wounded: Breitbart

Minneapolis Muslims prefer Sharia, want blasphemy laws in US: Robert Spencer
FBI: Jihad threat in Ohio is “scary,” public doesn’t get “the gravity of it”: Robert Spencer
Meet Cody Shearer, the Strangest Character in Hillary’s VLWC: Brendan Bordelon

What is wrong with Democrats?: Ed Lasky
Keep Hillary-Slayer Carly in this Thing: Roger L Simon
Lindsey Graham announces presidential campaign on the WTF platform: RS


Again: DOJ Awards Grant to University to Study "Far Right Extremism" on Internet: Ace
7 Way To Roll Back The Welfare State: Robert Tracinski
Deranged Democrat Bernie Sanders Defends Psychotic Rape Fantasy Essay: JWF

Scandal Central

Hillary Gave Sweetheart Arms Deals To Clinton Foundation Donors: Lid
How Bill Clinton and Teneo Duped the State Department Ethics Dummies: Dick Morris
Colleges Are Boycotting Israel…And Ted Cruz Has a Plan to Stop Them From Doing It: IJR


NY Times Clown David Brooks: “Obama has run an amazingly scandal-free administration”: JWF
Great moments in retail politicking: “Go to the end of the line”?: Ed Morrissey
Interview With J.D. Winteregg, Candidate Running Against John Boehner 2016: Politichicks

If Your ‘Authentic Self’ Requires Plastic Surgery and Hormone Therapy, You Need Help, Not Affirmation.: RS
Leftist Censors Strike Again: David Limbaugh
Barack Obama Marks JFK’s 98th Birthday With A Picture of…Barack Obama: Tammy Bruce


Obama’s Islamic State strategy sparks doubt, resentment among Pentagon officials: Times
Obama tells Israeli TV channel no military solution to Iran's nuclear program: AP
Iraq lost 2,300 Humvee armoured vehicles to the Islamic State in Mosul: JW

The Coming ISIS Assault on Saudi Arabia Means Awful Things for Washington: Kristin Roberts
Islamic State Is Rapidly Expanding in Southeast Asia: Josh Rogin
With sudden advances in Aleppo, Islamic State provokes counteroffensive: Thomas Joscelyn

ADIOS, AMERICA EXCERPT: Carlos Slim: The NEW YORK TIMES’ Sugar Daddy: Ann Coulter
Beijing Hint: No More Mr. Nice Guy in South China Sea: Andrew Browne
For Germany, Demography is Doom: Power Line`

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Feds Want to ‘Reform’ Fraud-Riddled ObamaPhone – By Expanding It to the Internet: Seton Motley
Behind the Scenes of Colorado's $700 Million Pot Business: Jenna Garrett
Rafa Nadal’s $775k watch: That he wears while playing…: Dan Carson


What surprised me in America: my speech at Lincoln Dinner: Oleg Atbashian
Chicks With Guns: Bloviating Zeppelin
Tennessee Man Uses Drone To Follow His Daughter: John Wenz

Image: Hillary Clinton: When I'm President, I Will Force All Americans To Go to the Back of the Line
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Isn't it time for a real conservative? Ted Cruz 2016: Official Site

QOTD: "The Clinton Foundation “received as much as $26.4 million in previously undisclosed payments” from corporations, foreign sources and other groups in 2014, The Washington Post reported 10 days ago.

That’s in addition to “millions” in foreign donations for the years 2010 to 2013 that were not reported until Reuters asked about them in April. Which were in addition to millions in foreign donations the Clinton Foundation acknowledged after The Washington Post asked about them in February...

...After big donations, the State Department approved arms sales to authoritarian regimes, and Ms. Clinton flip-flopped on human rights in Colombia and nuclear proliferation...

...In more than two decades in national politics, Hillary Clinton has succeeded only at peddling influence and orchestrating smear campaigns against women her husband molested. Ms. Clinton is greedy and corrupt. She has a reckless disregard for the truth and national security. She has a record barren of achievement.

Ms. Clinton is popular with her party despite all this. What that says about Democrats isn’t flattering." --Jack Kelly

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