Thursday, June 10, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Kagan Could Be Much Worse

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Kagan Could Be Much Worse: Pileus
Takeaways from Tuesday: Baehr
Dinosaurs vs. Zillionaires in Cali: Zombie

Orange County CA Supports AZ: RWN
The More We Learn, the Worse it Gets: ObamaCare Watch
Blumenthal Story Has Legs: LegalIns

Looking at the AR Dem Senate Primary: Patterico
Sharron Angle: Big Win for Tea Party: RWN
Rumors of a Coup: AT


Anti-Shore Bank Tea Party: Marathon
EFCA may be dead, but the NLRB ain't: LUR
Why aren't banks lending?: Times

Affirmative Action Keeping Some Students Out: PopeCenter
The Growing Power of Government Unions: WashExam
A Future With Fewer New Miracle Drugs: McArdle

Climate & Energy

Climate change showdown: 'A stinging slap to Obama': Hill
Violent Left Fights for a BP Bailout: BigGovt
The Blue Seals Have a Plan for the Gulf Coast: SIGIS


McGinnis-virus spreads: Media starting to run with Palin implant story: Malkin
CNN: Racism to Blame for Obama's Incompetence: Moonbattery
News Graphic o' the Day: Malkin

Does Obama Actually Agree with Helen Thomas on Palestine?: RWN
Facebook Removes Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Group, Leaves Virulent Anti-Semitic Groups: JIP
What Took So Long? Publishing Company Puts Warning Label on Constitution, Declaration: Powers

400 rally in Metro Detroit in support of Israel, Detroit Free Press claims "dozens": BlogProf
Press dragged kicking and screaming into Sestak and Romanoff affairs: Blumer
Rabbi Who Exposed Helen Thomas Receiving Numerous Death Threats: YeshivaWorld


Well, That Just Bought Iran Another 2 Hours and 54 Minutes… and Counting: Rosett
The Plain Truth About Israel: Glick
Broke NHS cutting routine surgeries: Pundette

An Open Letter to the Turkish Embassy: AmSpec
What About Hamas's Siege of Gaza?: Hudson
Fact Sheet #75: The Gaza Flotilla: JVL

John Hawkins Morons At A Ground Zero Mosque Protest: RWN
Foxconn's Suicides Are A Prelude To Massively Higher Chinese Wages: Insider
Somali Soccer Fans Go Underground: WSJ


Why Nuking the Blowout is a Very Bad Idea: Red Ink Texas
AdMob lashes out at new iPhone ad policies: CNet
Baby Bubbler could help ailing infants breathe: CNet


In Memoriam: Hugh Slatery: Wizbang
Apologies to Our More Visually Sensitive Readers: Moonbattery
Wag the Dog: MOTUS

Image: Moonbattery.
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mor@israel said...

i think that rasism against black people is not actual topic anymore. noone but obama really think about his skin colour.