Saturday, June 19, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Max Baucus: ObamaCare creates 'near chaos'

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Baucus: ObamaCare creates "near chaos": LegalIns
An Oil Spill Is Not a License to Suspend the Rule of Law: AT
Barton: Tone-deaf... and Correct: PJM

Playing Chicken with Medicare: RWN
Obama Administration Challenges AZ's SB 1070: RWN
Laser-focused on Gulf, Obama attends Nationals game: Marathon


Don’t Take My Word For It, Take Alan Greenspan’s: RWN
Top Obama Official Admits 'Economy Is Still Lousy': GWP
Obama to G-20 Nations: Keep Running Huge Deficits: GWP

Detroit School Board President Gives Himself a Hand: BlogProf
Obama ‘Stimulus’ Visit: Workers Get Unpaid Day Off: Malkin
Monsters in the Market: Atlantic

Climate & Energy

Effort to Clean Up Gulf Spill Thwarted by Safety Patrol: Malkin
The Gulf Spill: Everyone's Dirty Now: Kudlow
AGW-addled States Go Where Feds Can’t, To Our Detriment: CBullitt


White House Argues in Court that Individual Mandate is a Tax, Which Obama Angrily Denied In Interview: BlogProf
Ed Schultz Confirms: Of Course It Was a Shakedown: Moonbattery
An Interview With Bob Etheridge’s Opponent, Renee Ellmers: RWN

WikiLeaks to Release Video of Alleged U.S. ‘Massacre’ in Afghanistan: RWN
Ambush Interviewer Gets Ambushed: LegalIns
The Novel Presidency: AT


The Fatal Follies of 'Containment': Ledeen
Only a Matter of Time: Turkey Reverts to Type: Bostom
Calderon makes appeal as drug violence soars in Mexico: Times

Israel's Crisis at Sea: the Iranian Flotilla is Coming: AT
The UN's war on Israel continues -- and the U.S. is silent: Bayefsky
In an England suburb, Teaching the Kids Jihad: PJM

Did North Korea Just Give Up On Communism?: Hot Air
China Warns Against Finger-Pointing; Obama Points Finger Anyway; Obama's Budget Reduction Lies: Mish


Drywall problems known in 2006 but kept secret: HeraldTrib
Google like it's 1981 with command-line tool: CNet
Report: Tablet PCs To Cannibalize Netbook Sales: CRN


Americans, and the world, should be outraged at FIFA, ref Coulibaly: SI
From One Hole to Another: MOTUS
Interview: Actress Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo): ION Cinema

Image: Noomi Rapace.
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Bones said...

The Obamacare mandate (unconstitutional and they know it) is now going to called a tax. I think large numbers of the "taxpayer class" are going underground and trade gold, services and valuables rather than pay for this regimes disasters.