Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Protecting the Second Amendment (But Just Barely)

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Second Amendment

Protecting the Second Amendment (But Just Barely): Foundry
The New Normal: After Heller and McDonald: Reynolds
History Justifies Overturning Chicago Gun Ban: PJM


I was inside Holder's 'unequal enforcement' DOJ: PJM
Inside the Black Panther Case: Times
Kagan: it's fine if the law bans books: GWP

Can we win on illegal immigration?: RWN
Another Outrageous Obama DHS Appointment: Malkin
What's Next for Byrd's Senate Seat?: WashExam


Issa: How much for the Stimulus propaganda signs?: PJM
Is President Obama Trying To Kill Gulf State Economies?: RWN
How did the New Deal work out?: AT

Brown can't support a $19B tax hike: GWP
Return of the Slaughter Rule: Phony Budget Edition: GOPleader
Obama enlists radicals, unions for amnesty bill: GWP

Climate & Energy

Sex Complaint Against Gore is Detailed, Credible: WashExam
Jobs, Environment at Odds Again: WSJ
'Sustainability' on Campus: NAS


Chronicle: Conservative Women Are 'Pseudo-Women' and 'B***hes': RWN
Alleged spy’s newspaper commentaries pretty much what you’d expect: Greenroom
Obama's Wonderland Is No Fairy Tale: AT

Why I Denied David Frum’s Site a Spot In The Blogads Conservative Hive: RWN
Is the Tea Party a Christian Movement?: Patheos
Media Used 'Conservative' Label on Bush Nominees to High Court; Obama Picks Always 'Centrist': NewsBusters


The Long Road to Jerusalem: Anchoress
Ten arrested as Putin spies: PJM
Venezuela’s Chavez and Trotsky, and Oliver Stone: Kesler

Oren Spills the Beans: JRubin
Hugo wants to put Israel in its place: AT
Hamas-Fatah fuel spat leaves thousands in the dark: JPost


iPhone 4 teardown reveals $188 cost to build: CNet
Court patent ruling leaves software patents intact: MacWorld
Facebook's paternalistic attitudes aren't empowering: CNN


Leadership: Denny
Just Desserts: iOTW
Red River Gorge closed after bear attack: Kentucky

Image: iOTW
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