Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Elena Kagan -- Lawyer by Day, Obstetrician by Night

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Kagan Nomination

Lawyer By Day, Obstetrician By Night: Ace
Did Kagan lie to Supreme Court in 9/11 case?: TAB
Is this the Kagan 'smoking gun'?: Patterico

'A Pattern of Socialist Associations': the Early Years: NewZeal
Reports: Kagan used flat-out lies to win cases: NiceDeb
Sotomayor lied, Kagan's credibility died: Times


Obama's 'Coffee House' Loophole: Malkin
Adolf Farrakhan wants Jews to apologize: GWP
Where Did the Tea-Party Anger Come From?: Hanson

Reporter, Consultant, Housewife, Spy: AT
Pete Stark urinates all over voters: Malkin
NY should kill profs' foolish vote-count scheme: Post


Hasn’t the SEIU wasted enough of its members’ money?: Malkin
How the Worst Teachers are Rewarded by Unions: RWN
The Union-Only Protection Racket: Jacoby

So Tell Me: Charity and Government: Kesler
CBO Tax Analysis: Oof!: BlogProf
Why Obama is Sabotaging U.S. Economic Growth: AIM

Climate & Energy

Day 70: Feds Finally Accept Foreign Help with Spill: RWN
5 Ways the Administration Bungled the Gulf Spill: Townhall
Obama's Bureaucracies: They're spill-tastic!: Morris


Left-wing group’s grant will 'educate' legacy media on Obamacare law: Malkin
Daily Kos to sue Research 2000 over polling fraud: Hot Air
The Perpetual Campaign: PJM

A Media Welfare State?: City Journal
I'll Take a Cashier's Check, Mr. Breitbart: IowaHawk
Tom Brokaw's Stunning Revelation: He's a Democrat: Malkin

Desperately Seeking Liberals: AT
Oops: Ambinder's Agitprop Requires Some Facts: RWN
Riehl's War on the GOP Establishment: Ace


Petraeus Testimony: Mudville Gazette
Would a Tehran 'No Fly' Zone Work?: AT
Obama surrenders: US arms sales to Taiwan on hold: People's Daily (China)

Why Islam Will Never Accept the State of Israel: AT
Leviathan's Loot: AT
Chavez Protesters in Venezuela Carry Stalin, Lenin & Marx Posters: GWP


Science historian cracks "the Plato code": Manchester
Cisco introduces Cius Android tablet PC: CNet
Google Changing Course In Big Fight With China: IBD


Amateurs: SondraK
Cities with worst traffic problems revealed: Maktoob
Saudi clerics battle over adult-breastfeeding: Maktoob

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