Friday, June 18, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Alternate reality transcript -- Barton's questions for BP

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Alternate reality transcript: Barton's questions for Heyward: Ace
Club Fed for Illegal Aliens: Malkin
Etheridge Grabs Student, Ellmers Grabs Lead: NC Civitas

Administration calls individual mandate... a tax: RWN
The Central Lie Of Obamacare: Strata-Sphere
Brewer Fires Back at Hillary and Obama: GWP


Life Is Good in Teachers Unions, Even in Detroit: RWN
The Coming Obamanomics Disaster: AT
The Dodd Effect: The Rich Get Way Richer: ABC

Don't Blame Proposition 13: CityJournal
Feds Give AZ $1.25 Million to Build… Squirrel Bridges: Malkin
Best way to get a job in the Obamaconomy: RWN

Climate & Energy

Deepwater Drilling and Lying Crap-Weasels: Protein Wisdom
Gulf reps ask Salazar to lift deepwater drilling ban: WashExam
Who told Obama drilling is 'absolutely safe'?: York

Pssst, hey buddy, want to rent that forest for some quick cash?: Ace
Crude-sucking barges shut down by Feds for missing life-vests: GWP
BP, Obama both pushing climate legislation: Cypress


The Cold, Hard Numbers Of What's Happening To Newspapers: Insider
Giuliani: If this were Bush, impeachment proceedings would be underway: BlogProf
Caroline Glick: ‘For Those People Who Hate Me, Expect More’: PJM

Dems Move to Seize Control of Internet: RWN
Correction Sought: Steyn
What's a patriot to do? Confront a liberal today: AT


Iron Sky: Belmont Club
Obama and the rising mob against Israel: AT
The Gaza Flotilla: It's About Hamas, Stupid: BRubin

World poll: Views of U.S. improve — except in Muslim countries: Hot Air


Here's The Latest Way AT&T Is Screwing Its Wireless Customers: Insider
Mobile Video Training Reaches the Cloud: Computerworld
US automakers top foreign brands for first time in JD Power survey of quality: WashExam


The American -- the trailer: Apple
Too Funny--Too True: Strata-Sphere
If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, This Is An Encylopedia: Wizbang

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