Sunday, June 27, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Brewer to Obama -- Do Your Job, Secure Our Border

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Brewer to Obama: Do Your Job, Secure Our Border: RWN
Confirmed: school vouchers improve grad rates: BigGovt
The Unengaged President: Steyn

An Open Letter to Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL): BackCon
Brewer: Most illegals are smuggling drugs: RWN
Dearborn on prohibiting the free exercise thereof: BeJohnGalt


New financial regulation bill a farce: AT
What the hell was the $1 trillion for, Pelosi?: BlogProf
Barney Frank Offers More Unclarity On FinReg Scam: ZH

Biden admits: jobs ain't coming back: GWP
Medicare cuts avoided…world saved…for now.: RWN
Was drilling moratorium a sop to unions?: RWN

Climate & Energy

Governed by Fools: ConfYank
Graph: Net Jobs Lost Per Megawatt: AT
I'll Take Your Worse-Case Scenario, and Raise It...: ConfYank


Questions for Kagan: Will
Beyond Weigel: While the legacy media sleeps, new-media sleuths get the scoop: SISU
Kopp the custard-man has Hinderaker sounding like a neo-Marxist: Instapundit

Fox40 dudes slam Palin after CA speech: Toldjah
AP fights to cover a speech it then didn’t cover: Surber
Shop Manager Tells Biden ‘Lower Our Taxes’ :Malkin


Leftist Morality: Blame the Government, Not the People, Unless It’s Israel: PJM
The Gaza Blockade: a Dialogue: AT
Michael Yon Invited By Brits and U.S. To Embed Again: Jawa

President's first order of business at G8 Summit: GWP
Spectators in Body Armor: Steyn
Spain's Debt Maturity Wave Hits Next Month: It's Already Obvious They Don't Have Enough Cash: Insider


Obama internet 'kill switch' bill approved: SMH
Oil Skimmers and the Dutch: Patterico
Exploring The Popular Myths About BP's "Culpable Conduct": Hindenblog


Just An Okie From Muskoka, Eh!: MOTUS
A Conservative 11-Year Old Tries To Survive In California Schools: AT
Labor Department Announces Reduction in Vice President's Hours: Diogenes

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