Thursday, June 17, 2010

Comrades: We must actively struggle to hasten inevitable progress of Obama recovery and overcome racist teabagging naysayers!

And the hits just keep on coming:

Initial jobless claims in at 472,000, up 12,000 and far higher than the expectation of 450,000.

Last month's jobless numbers were revised upwards from 456,000 to 460,000.

The Consumer Price Index came in at -0.2%, which translates to out-and-out deflation;

Gold hit another all-time high as investors fled the deficit-stricken dollar and Euro;

While the U.S. deficit grows like the Gulf oil gusher, the economy stumbles under oppressive regulatory and taxation regimes, and global investors come to grips with the self-destructive policies of the Obama Democrats, gold has only way way to move. And that one way is not down. It's not sideways.

For you liberals: that means gold is headed still higher. At least until November.

Image: Big Bureaucracy (translation: "Workers of public health and physical education! Improve the medical service to the people, more actively introduce physical education into the daily life of the people!")

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